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The Party - How to Throw the Best Doggie Birthday Ever

The lights dim as the cake, wreathed in candles, is ceremoniously carried in to a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday.” Eager eyes follow its progress and little Sparky holds his breath in anticipation. Liver cake is his favourite. more

DIY Dog Sock Toy

Follow these simple instructions for squeaky playtime fun. more
D.I.Y. Craft - Baby Romper

D.I.Y. Craft - Baby Romper

Share some puppy love with the baby in your lifewith these one-of-a-kind appliquéd baby rompers. more

Dogs and Blogs (and Twitter and Facebook...)

Fade in.... A local dog park somewhere in Southern California. Dogs are running around, barking and chasing a ball. A large mutt comes out of nowhere and, with...more

How To Take Better Photos Of Your Dog

Taking great pictures of your furry friends can be challenging. Even with the most cooperative subject, you must take other elements into consideration to turn an average snapshot into a captivating photo. more

Martha Stewart’s Pet Project

ur favourite doyenne of domesticity, the queen of craft, Martha Stewart, is not only known for her impeccable taste but also for her love of French Bulldogs, in particular, her two Frenchies more

Doggie I Do’s And Don’ts

Check that the venues for the ceremony and the reception allow pets. Discuss Fido’s role in the ceremony with other key players such as parents and other...more

I Dream of Weenie: Dog Dreams Decoded

To dream of a vicious dog denotes enemies and unalterable misfortune. To dream that a dog fondles you indicates great gain and constant friends. more

The Fight for Off-Leash Dog Parks

As I finally pay bills and do laundry and all the other life chores that my passion for “the dog park fight” has kept me from for months, I ask myself, “Was this ‘doggie debit’ worth it?” more

Can Anxiety Be Trained Out Of A Dog?

I visited my area animal shelter today and noticed a beautiful one-year-old female Springer Spaniel mix for adoption. She was a stray and she is rooming with another stray with whom she gets along. more


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