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No Pet Should Go Hungry

Feeding the Pets of the Homeless has an inspiring mission to help unhoused pets.

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Two million pounds of pet food. That’s the incredible amount of kibble that Feeding the Pets of the Homeless has distributed to hungry dogs and cats since 2008. The international nonprofit, which operates in both the US and Canada, is determined to ensure no pet goes hungry. The organization’s mission is to provide pet food and emergency veterinary care for pets that belong to people experiencing homelessness. And they’re knocking it out of the park.

“No pet, no matter who the guardian is, should be hungry,” says Genevieve Frederick, founder and president of the non-profit. Through her passion for the project, she’s created an international movement of people helping pets whose caretakers are currently unhoused. In addition to delivering over 930 tons of pet food, 30,000 pets have been treated medically via a network of over 1,600 partner hospitals, providing over $3.8 million in veterinary care and support. They also ship sleeping crates to homeless shelters so pets are allowed to stay with their humans.

“Pets mean so much to people and even more to people experiencing homelessness,” says Frederick. “When they cannot provide veterinary care or even some kibble it breaks my heart. The emotion we hear in the voices of people calling with their pet is injured or ill is painful. Frederick notes they are seeing an increase in women and elderly experiencing homelessness. “It motivates me, as an older woman, to give my influence to speak out and help their pets,” she says.

In the face of rising homelessness, the organization’s goals include spreading the word so communities and individuals can help. To donate, volunteer, or find a pet food donation site, go to Businesses can become a donation site and work with a local food bank that will distribute the pet food donations.

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