Are you searching for the perfect toy to keep your furry friend entertained and happy? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ve rounded up the best dog toys of 2024, tailored to meet the diverse needs of dogs of all sizes and breeds. Whether you have a playful puppy, a senior dog, or a highly energetic breed, our selection features top-rated toys that are sure to provide hours of fun and enrichment.

1. BIONIC Toss-N-Tug


First Impressions: The BIONIC Toss-N-Tug earns our top pick for its versatility and durability in providing endless entertainment for active pups. Crafted with premium-quality BIONIC Rubber, this innovative dog toy withstands rigorous play sessions, from intense tugging matches to exhilarating ground chases. Its high-visibility orange color ensures easy tracking, while its buoyant design makes it perfect for water play. As part of the BIONIC family, alongside the Stuffer, BIONIC Bone, BIONIC Ball, and Urban Stick, the Toss-N-Tug offers a comprehensive range of options to cater to every dog’s play preference. Whether your furry friend prefers fetching, tugging, or chasing, the BIONIC Toss-N-Tug delivers unmatched fun and excitement.

Key Features:

  • The ultimate multi-action dog toy designed for tossing and tugging
  • Endures hours of playtime
  • Crafted with durable, BIONIC Rubber for long-lasting fun
  • High visibility orange color ensures easy tracking during play
  • Floats in water for added tail-wagging fun during aquatic adventures

Helpful Reviews: 

“I bought the BIONIC Toss-N-Tug for my energetic Labrador, and it’s been a game-changer! Not only does it withstand his rough play, but it also floats in water, making it perfect for trips to the lake. Highly recommend!” – Emily S.

Durable and easy to throw flying discs!

“Wonderful brand. Favorite of all the flying discs we have tried! So glad they are back with a new inventory! Very durable, and the perfect size to throw and retrieve. We don’t throw it like a regular flying disc but instead flick it and it rolls for yards and yards and our dog runs and runs to try to keep up with it! It’s perfectly balanced.” – Roy A.

The best!!!!!!!!

“The Toss-N-Tug toy can roll long distances and survive two dogs playing tug of war with each other. I have had four of these toys and my aggressive chewing dog hasn’t been able to chew through them. Really great toy for dogs that love to chase or play tug of war. Buy two and it will wear your dog out quicker. 🙂”

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2. ChewMate TreatBrush™

ChewMate TreatBrush

First Impressions: ChewMate is a leading innovator in pet oral care products for dogs and cats founded by a dentist and hygienist, dedicated to providing practical and effective solutions for pets and their owners. With a focus on ease, convenience, quality, and the well-being of pets, what sets TreatBrush apart is that a dog or cat can Floss and Brush their own teeth using our Patented, science-backed “Floss Slots” and natural Rubber Nubs that are spread throughout ensuring 360° Below the Gum Cleaning of plaque and food debris as your pet chews and plays. Insert any treat to increase stimulation and engagement. TreatBrush™ by ChewMate turns any treat into a toothbrush.

Key Features:

  • Floss slots
  • Natural rubber toothbrush bristles
  • Insert any treat
  • Natural composition
  • Science-backed
  • 360 degree all around cleaning
  • Brushes and massages gums
  • Increases stimulation and engagement
  • Effective, easy, fun

Helpful Reviews:

My beautiful Lady loves to Chew and play with her TreatBrush. I love the fact that she’s cleans her own teeth and gums with every chew. Thank you TreatBrush ” – Dr. Arielle Lambrecht

“My dog is super happy with this teeth cleaner toy, he loves the consistency and I’m sure his teeth will be cleaner !!! Chewmate will help me to save money so I’m happy too!!” – Dr. Julio Santa

“We recently started using the Chewmate doggy chews. We started filling them with a little bit of peanut butter and our little schnauzers absolutely love them. Even dogs with missing teeth have an easier time gripping these little toys. As a dentist, I can appreciate how the small perforations in the Chewmates really help to stimulate their gums and keep their teeth clean and plaque-free. Best little chew toys I’ve ever seen!” – AJM Willoughby

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3. Coral Cove Snuffle Mat

First Impressions: Dive into the wonders of the undersea world with P.L.A.Y.’s Coral Cove Snuffle Mat! This aquatic adventure is designed for endless engaging play as your dog explores hidden delights. With the excitement of sniffing, searching, and finding treats, this captivating snuffle mat is sure to make a splash in your dog’s day. Plus, this mat includes two detachable clown fish containing squeakers for added interactive fun!

Key Features: 

  • Keeps your furiend mentally and physically stimulated and can also be used as a slow feeder for your pet
  • Provides a mixture of fabrics and textures to help alleviate boredom
  • Detachable squeaky clownfish toys offer extra fun for playtime
  • Lightweight/portable and easy storage
  • Machine washable and dryer-friendly
  • Features AZO-free dyes

Helpful Reviews: 

The coral cove snuffle mat is the cutest and most well-made snuffle mat I’ve ever used! I have 3 dogs of different sizes and they were each able to enjoy it. The little fish toys detach too and have been a huge hit, especially with my Belgian Malinois! – Parisa T

Coral Cove Snuffle Mat

4. Doggijuana® Tuffer Chewer™ Toys with Juananip™ 

Doggijuana® Tuffer Chewer™ Toys with Juananip™

First Impressions: Designed to help dogs play and chill, Doggijuana’s Tuffer Chewer dog toys with Juananip (100% catnip) are adorable and “tuffer” plush and available in 2 sizes for every dog – Original and Mini. Each Doggijuana toy in this collection has been designed “tuffer” with a double rope interior, reinforced edges, and “tuff”er fabric exterior.  Each Doggijuana Tuffer Chewer dog toy also has a squeaker and a refillable velcro pocket for adding a pinch of Doggijuana’s proprietary Juananip™ to encourage play and also help your dog chill.

Key Features: 

Juananip has a calming effect on dogs. It relaxes them to a place of peace and tranquility they all crave. Enjoy some right now with our new Tuffer Chewer Refillable Donut Toy. The extra durable fabric, double-stitched edging, and rope throughout make it perfect for dogs who love to play rough. Stuff a pinch of Juananip into the pouch for a healthy play session that will help leave your dog dog-tired, easing them into doggi-vana.

Helpful Reviews: 

My dog immediately got super excited when I pulled out his new Doggijuana toys. They are very durable and are even made for tough chewers like my dog. I would recommend this dog toy for any dog, it is a well-made toy that will last a long time. I would 10/10 recommend this brand to friends and family! – Julia K.

These are my beagle mix’s FAVORITE toy! We got her two and she carries them around squeaking them all the time. No Juananip required, but my boxer mix LOVES the Juananip and doesn’t care much for squeaky toys, so it’s a treat for them both! – Sam

My boys loved playing with it! They even played tug of war and it stayed intact! – Kajia

Doggijuana® Tuffer Chewer™ Toys with Juananip™

5. Seatbelt Two-Tone Figure 8 Tug by American Dog

First Impressions: American Dog Seatbelt 2-Tone Figure 8 Tug –  Designed for the ultimate game of tug-o-war. This Seatbelt webbing toy is excellent as a tough interactive tug toy.  It’s an ideal substitute for rope toys due to the soft mouth feel! Made in the U.S.A!

Key Features: 

  • Two-inch, Five-panel Seatbelt Webbing with 6000 lb. tensile strength – makes for an EXTREMELY durable dog toy!
  • This seatbelt webbing toy is an excellent interactive toy. This is a fantastic substitute for rope toys due to the soft mouth feel!
  • Great for tugging and fetching!
  • 100% polyester automotive first-quality seat belt webbing.
  • UV inhibited and will not shrink, rot, mold, or mildew.
  • Multiple colour combinations!

Helpful Reviews: 

“This seatbelt toy has held up for months of rough play with our husky Hank! We got the leash and collar that match the toy also! -Tawnya M.

“Our dog loves his seatbelt figure 8 toy. It is the most durable toy we own. We tug with it, play fetch, etc. Highly recommend the American Dog seatbelt line of toys…”-Jess B.

Seatbelt Two-Tone Figure 8 Tug

6. The Odin Dog Treat Puzzle Toy

The Odin Dog Treat Puzzle Toy

First Impressions: Looking to elevate your dog’s playtime? Look no further! Here’s The Odin dog treat puzzle toy for you! This innovative toy is a game-changer for interactive fun. Up Dog crafted this food-dispensing toy with your furry friend in mind, this genius toy offers more than just a treat dispenser – it’s a brain teaser that keeps dogs of all sizes entertained and engaged. It’s Made from safe, non-toxic materials, so you can rest assured your pet is in good hands. The Odin dog toy boasts a sleek, modern design, complemented by a palette of trendy colors that not only catch the eye but also blend seamlessly into contemporary home decor.

Key Features: 

  • Treat dispensing, enrichment dog toy
  • Interlocking design allows connecting multiple Odin puzzle toys for expanded play options
  • Modern & minimalistic design
  • Easy to clean, can be used as a slow feeder

Helpful Reviews: 

5.0 out of 5 stars. I have bought 6 of these – because my dog and I love it. And sometimes she hides her beloved Odin toy. My dog does not chew her food (she inhales it) so this really helps her digestion and gives her mind training, keeping her occupied. The shape and the mint color are beautiful, the size is perfect and the material is soft and not too rough on her nose (she uses her nose to dribble the Odin toy around.) I think it is a great way to give her pellets (with a small challenge), and I would like to support great dog design💛 – Kari Anne Soltvedt, verified user.

The Odin Dog Treat Puzzle Toy

7. Tug-E-Nuff

First Impressions: Tug-E-Nuff is a family-run dog toy brand that’s on a mission to enrich the relationship humans and dogs share using the power of play.  Designed by dog trainers, its exciting toy ranges are well known for being exceptionally well-made and wildly good fun.  Trusted and recommended globally by thousands of trainers, Tug-E-Nuff toys are renowned for overcoming playtime struggles, enhancing training success, and enriching dog’s lives. Tug-E-Nuff is this year celebrating its 15th anniversary

Key Features: 

  • Handle made from climbing-grade webbing with a section made using two strands of bungee cord
  • Reduces the risk of jarring the dog’s neck or handler’s shoulder
  • Enticing real sheepskin bite area
  • Tough enough for the strongest tuggers
  • Great for walks, training, and interactive play at home
  • Tug-E-Nuff toys are designed for interactive play and should only be used with supervision

Helpful Reviews: 

Bought this for my whippet who has started flyball, he absolutely loves tuggy time and I can’t wait to use it for a reward for flyball! – Amy. C

Super product, both pups enjoy chasing and catching the fluff. It keeps them engaged for a long time which makes playtime much more fun and interactive. – Alex C.


8. Turtle Puzzle by My Intelligent Pets

playing playing a puzzle

First Impressions: The Turtle puzzle by My Intelligent Pets, is a multidimensional puzzle is a two-level construction with tracks for hats and barrels where the treats are hidden. The dog has to solve a number of tasks to reach them. Turtle comes with 4 drawers that are open by pulling the handle, 9 “cylinders” and 13 “hats”. Purchasing additional “hats” to bring their number to 31 will make Turtle one of the most challenging games for your pet with 44 different tasks (4 paws on our scale of difficulty).

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Key Features: 

  • Help with dog’s health balance and mental stimulation
  • Boosts pet’s natural instinct of curiosity, drive to play, and sense of smell
  • Made of high-quality wood covered with water-based varnish that is safe for humans and animals
  • Trains your pet’s concentration and dexterity
  • It strengthens the relationship with your dog

Helpful Reviews: 

Puzzle solving dogs! My Intelligent Pets Wooden Dog Slow Feeder Puzzle is a great way to slow down your dog’s eating habits and add some mental stimulation to their day. The multidimensional design keeps things interesting, the natural wood material is aesthetically pleasing, and it seems durable for normal use. While you’ll need to consider your dog’s chewing habits, this puzzle is a fun and functional option for many pup parents. – Kimber on Amazon.com

This company makes a really good product. I love how it is able to level up as the dogs figure it out. I have a couple of their other puzzles and love them too. I plan on getting more. I have other puzzles from other companies too, but the ones from Intelligent Pets are their favorites. – RJ on Amazon.com

Turtle from My Intelligent Pets