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Tiny Dog Stories – Spring/Summer 2024

Dog love in short form: miniature, reader-submitted dog stories of no more than 100 words.

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Appetite for Life

At the adoption center, a Pit Bull mix seemed hungry for love. Jean Luc held onto my husband Jim’s sleeve as if saying, “Take me home.” Unfortunately, he was also hungry for anything remotely edible. Our vet surmised he was insatiable since he’d been starved as a puppy. His food thievery turned nearly fatal when a pair of gobbled socks strangled his gut. He survived risky surgery with a zipperlike scar and his robust appetite intact.

15 years later, when it was time to say goodbye, we hand-fed our boy his favorite morsels, ensuring he’d never be hungry again.—Lucy Iscaro 


The Boss

“You’re not the boss. Chelsea is,” the dog trainer said. I protested, “But she did everything I asked—perfectly!” Chelsea, my yellow Lab mix, had come, sat, and lay down. Pretty perfect, I thought. So, what could be wrong?

“Chelsea didn’t look at you once,” the trainer said. “A dog who knows that you are in charge looks right at you to see what you want next. Not Chelsea. She knows she’s the boss.” I looked at Chelsea. Now that I didn’t need her to, she gazed at me and held it.  And grinned, satisfied we’d got that straight.—Lisa Lambert 


Money Well Spent

We adopted an abused dog two years ago. She has a serious heart condition, kidney disease, a back disease, and a BB gun bullet lodged inside her body. Also, the rescue’s dentist had to remove half her teeth because they were in terrible condition. She has cost us lots of money which goes to our veterinarian, dog dentist, and a dog cardiologist, but she is alive and happy and the easiest dog we have ever had. Absolutely no training problems of any kind. She’s perfect and we love her to bits. It’s money very well spent!—Carol Weitz 


Dad Remembers Rover 

Dad remembers Rover. This little brown/black ball of fur came into the family as a puppy from the local ASPCA. He grew into a beautiful Collie mix. Dad would come home from school, ring the doorbell in the vestibule, and Grandma would send Rover down five flights of stairs with his harness and leash. Off they went for a long walk and new adventure. Their favourite time was winter. A local lot was piled high with a mountain of snow; for hours they played. Rover even pulled Dad on a sled. 80 years later, Rover is forever in Dad’s heart.—AnnMarie Massimo


Heart Healer

Waiting for another Boston was the longest month ever after losing our 10-year-old to heart failure. Mr. Wilson has healed our hearts and brings much love and fur to everyone he meets. He loves children, pets, treats, and going everywhere with mom, wagging the entire back half of his body at everyone he meets and smiling at everyone who will glance at him. He excels at his law office job as “Senior Director of Stress Relief” and doesn’t mind working for treats! In his spare time, he LOVES to play ball and go boating. He is the best boy!—Brian & Morgan Kohlwes 


Haiku for Olive

Little ear
Up and attentive
Just in case —Marika Lilly 



They say it’s magic. Nothing less. I first met Benny in hospital. It wasn’t a mutual magic in our case; it was all Benny. Within moments of entering, it was clear he knew I was his person. Just like that, something visibly settled in his bones. He understood his purpose for life. Me! Benny spent his first ten months learning how to heel beside a scooter, pick things up with his mouth, and focus on my wellbeing. He’s always in tune with me. It may be hard to understand but that’s a good feeling—the best feeling.—Mary Newton


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