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15 German Shepherds (and German Shepherd Mixes!) That’ll Get You Through the Day

A Wonderful, Handsome Breed!

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German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes: loyal, rugged, handsome, and strong. Fantastic working dogs for police, GS dogs are also awesome for search and rescue and as assistants to those with special needs. On top of this — GSDs are adorable! We hope these photos from our Photocontest brighten your day!

For more about GSDs, check out their breed profile.


1) Mia

Little Mia is eight weeks old and loves to play with shoes, going on or under the couch and loves to run back and forth around the house. – Submitted by Antoinette


2) Theo

This handsome fellow is one year old Theo. He loves going for walks, playing with toys and, of course… belly rubs! – Submitted by Michelle B


3) Dallas

This adventurer is Dallas, a two year old GSD who loves hiking (as we can see!) and napping! Who doesn’t love those things?! – Submitted by Catherine


4) Grady

Grady just turned one! He loves dogs (obviously), food (even more obviously) and PEOPLE (super obviously)! – Submitted by Kristi and Rob H


5) Lola

Lovely Lola has the classic GSD ears that just make us melt! – Submitted by Daniela


6) Milo

Milo is convinced he’s still a puppy! He loves bones, beaches, and long walks! The doggy trifecta! – Submitted by Dani P


7) Scout

Scout plays until he can’t ‘take another step’ says his mom, and then ‘goes in his crate and passes out’… which is what we see in the adorable second picture! – Submitted by Nicole


8) Apollo

Apollo, a handsome New Jersey boy, is cheesin’ away in this lovely photo. – Submitted by Sara


9) Xena

Xena is begging for some eggs and bacon, her favourite food! – Submitted by Jamell G


10) Rico and Lola

Rico (the dog on the left) is two years old and Lola (dog on the right) is four. Rico is a farm helper; he rides across the farm helping herd the cattle. Lola is a therapy dog and visits nursing homes! – Submitted by Leslie


11) Gretsky

Gretzky’s family loves hockey… in case that wasn’t obvious! A rescue from a veterinary emergency clinic, he now gets spoiled to belly rubs and tennis balls, just a couple of his favourite things! – Submitted by Magdalena N


12) Harlow

Harlow is a 14 week old angel who has discovered how fun car rides are! – Submitted by Jaclyn ZS


13) Finnegan

At four-months-old, Finn still has a lot of puppy energy in him… but he’s cute enough to make up for any craziness! – Submitted by Kelsey


14) Tank

Tank is crossed with a Boxer and is only six weeks old – the water bowl looks as big as him! – Submitted by Diana G


15) Indiana Jones

Indiana, or ‘Indy’, has the classic GSD face we’ve come to love… and those ears! – Submitted by Linda

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