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Have Dog, Will Travel – Quirky US Pit Stops

From a Beagle-shaped guesthouse to a dog-inspired winery, 10 fun spots worth detouring for.

By: Belinda Jones

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1. Dog Bark
Park Inn
Boise, Idaho
A three-story
hotel room in the
shape of a Beagle.
Enough said.

2. Dog Mayor
, California
In 1981, a dog named
Bosco was elected mayor
in a town just an hour
outside San Francisco.
Thirty years on, you can
visit his animatronic replica
at the local bar—lift his
leg and he pees beer!

3. Charles M Schulz
Santa Rosa, California
For all things Snoopy. The documentary
film is particularly charming;
apparently the real life Snoopy loved
nothing better than riding in cars.

4. Mutt Lynch Winery
Canine connoisseurs are welcome at this
laid-back vineyard offering Fou Fou Le Blanc
Sauvignon (featuring a chi-chi white Poodle
on the label), Merlot Over & Play Dead (gruff
Bulldog) and a great life motto: Bark Less, Wag

5. Drive-thru tree
Leggett, California
Dogs love to pee on trees, humans like
to drive through them. My dog Bodie
and I actually did the similar Tour-thru
Tree three hours north.

6. Bobbie The Wonder
Dog mural

Silverton, Oregon
This is so touching: in 1923 a
family were on a road trip in
Indiana when they lost their beloved
Collie. Broken-hearted, they returned
to Oregon without him. Six months
later he turned up all scrawny and
tattered of paw, having walked nearly
3,000 miles home. What a legend.

7. Wizard of Oz Museum
Wamego, Kansas
Cairn Terrier lovers will find an
abundance of Toto memorabilia and
cheeky treasures in the gift shop, not
to mention Toto’s Tacoz next door.

8. Wild West portrait
with your dog

Breckenridge, Colorado
What can I say? Bodie is such a
natural-born outlaw. Breckenridge Old
Time Photo, 326 South Main St.
Tel: 970 453 4444

9. Biltmore Estate,
Asheville, North Carolina
If you’ve always felt that you and
your dog were “to the manor born,”
you have to visit the wondrous
Biltmore Estate where you can spend
the entire day strolling the elegantly
landscaped grounds—8,000 acres
complete with fountains, woodlands,
and sunflower-trimmed bicycle
paths—with a silver-topped walking
stick and a monocle, if you fancy.
At $59 per person it’s not cheap,
but this does include entry to the
grand 250-room French chateau and
though your dog is not permitted
inside, they do have kennels
where he can kick back while you
are marveling at the priceless
artifacts. Afterwards you can dine at
Cedric’s Tavern, named for George
Vanderbilt’s beloved St Bernard,


10. AKC Dog Show
Many locations throughout the US
Never mind the parade of purebreds, check
out the astounding range of doggie beauty
products. I got myself a great dogprint
salon robe for when I wash

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By: Belinda Jones
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