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The Best Dog Breeds for Endless Adoration & Loyalty

Find out which dog breed are the most adoring & loyal to their owners!

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We’ve shortlisted the best dog breeds for protection, cuddling, active owners, apartments, therapy work, endless adoration, and a whole lot more (links below)! We asked Gina DiNardo, American Kennel Club Executive Secretary and expert on all things breed related, for the low down on which breeds are the best fit for a whole array of activities and situations. Read on in this article to find out which dog breeds are the best for endless adoration & loyalty!

Great Pyrenees


Great Pyrenees are one of the most loyal breeds. They are fiercely protective, whether it’s with livestock or humans.


shetland sheepdog

Sally Dixon Creations/Bigstock

The Shetland Sheepdog, often referred to as a “personal shadow,” lives 100 percent for its owners.


Akita dog


Akitas are intelligent and strong-willed, but will do anything to protect their family.



Grisha Bruev/Bigstock

Collies are known for being very loyal, but without the reserved nature. However, this dog will be your “personal shadow” as well.


brittany dog


The Brittany is an energetic breed that will follow their owner for miles without straying. Their devotion makes them easy to train for any sport. 


These are some of the best dog breeds for dog owners who need loyal pups; thanks Gina! Which one is your favourite?


Find the best breeds for your needs below!

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This article originally appeared in the award-winning Modern Dog magazine. Subscribe today!

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