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The Best Dog Breeds for Running

Find out which breeds are best for dog owners who want a canine running companion!

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We’ve shortlisted the best dog breeds for running, cuddling, active owners, apartments, therapy work, endless adoration, and a whole lot more (links below)! We asked Gina DiNardo, American Kennel Club Executive Secretary and expert on all things breed related, for the low down on which breeds are the best fit for a whole array of activities and situations. Read on in this article to find out which dog breeds are the best for running!



Dalmatians are strong, active, and athletic. Known for their endurance, speed, and intelligence, this breed has great stamina and can keep up with a fast runner.


German Wirehaired pointer


A high energy breed with a weather-resistant and water-repellent wiry coat, the German Wirehaired Pointer makes a great running partner who won’t mind the wind and rain.




The Vizsla is extremely athletic and thrives on hard exercise. Eager and graceful, their impressive stamina makes them ideal jogging companions.


Rhodesian Ridgeback

Photo Bigandt Photography/Bigstock

Originally bred to hunt lions in Africa, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a strong, muscular, and active dog capable of great endurance at a fair speed. Their natural gait and internal engine makes them the perfect companion for medium length jogs.




Known for their speed and power, Whippets are capable of running at speeds up to 35 mph. Originally used for racing, they need daily exercise and are great for sprinters who want to try to keep with the pace of their dog.

These are some of the best dog breeds for dog owners who love to run; thanks Gina! Which one is your favourite?


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