french bulldog
french bulldog

Say Hello to America’s New Top Dog

French Bulldog unseats Lab as #1 most popular dog breed in the U.S.

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There’s a new top dog in town. The lovable Labrador Retriever’s record-breaking reign as America’s favourite has ended. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has announced that the French Bulldog has knocked the Labrador Retriever out of the number one spot, ending a 31-year stay.

With this unseating, the playful and adaptable French Bulldog is now America’s most popular breed for the first time. Breaking the Lab’s top-dog status of over three decades is no small feat. The AKC credits the French Bulldog’s versatility for its popularity. The Frenchie is a smart, compact breed that can fit into various lifestyles. This petite dog was first recognized by the AKC in 1898. They are beloved by everyone from families to single owners for their charming and easy-going nature. French Bulldogs have surged in popularity due to their small size and generally quiet demeanor, making them good fits for apartments and smaller homes.

Most Popular Dogs in the US

According to the most recent AKC registration statistics (2022)

[1] French Bulldog
[2] Labrador Retriever

[3] Golden Retriever
[4] German Shepherd
[5] Poodle
[6] Bulldog
[7] Rottweiler
[8] Beagle
[9] Dachshund
[10] German Shorthaired Pointer

While it may come as a surprise to some that the always popular Lab’s 31-year stay at the top has come to an end, the French Bulldog has been quietly climbing the charts for many years. Over the past decade, the Frenchie has gone from 14th in 2012 to number 1 in 2022, and registrations have increased over 1,000 percent over that period.

“The French Bulldog has seen a surge in popularity over the years, and for good reason,” said AKC Executive Secretary Gina DiNardo. “Frenchies are playful, adaptable, loyal, and outgoing. They make wonderful companions for a variety of people.”

Social Media Stars

Here’s where some of social media’s favourite breeds fall on the list: Pembroke Welsh Corgi (#11), Yorkshire Terrier (#13), Siberian Husky (#21), and Pug (#35).

Other breeds making moves in 2022 include the American Hairless Terrier, which jumped an impressive 15 spots year over year (#135 in 2021 to #120 in 2022), the Gordon Setter (#113 in 2021 and #99 in 2022), the Italian Greyhound (#73 in 2021 and #63 in 2022) and the Anatolian Shepherd Dog (#88 in 2021 and #79 in 2022). Making strides over the past decade are the Cane Corso (#60 in 2012 and #18 in 2022), the Belgian Malinois (#71 in 2012 and #32 in 2022), the Giant Schnauzer (#96 in 2012 and #58 in 2022) and the English Cocker Spaniel (#64 in 2012 and #40 in 2022).

Least Popular Dog Breeds of 2022

At the bottom of the list (Nos. 197 through 199) are the Sloughi, Norwegian Lundehund, and English Foxhound, all uncommon breeds.

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