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Best 5 Dog Barks to Deter Burglars

Dog Yaps Guaranteed to Put the Fear Into Unwanted Intruders According to

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Burglars confess that they are most likely to avoid a home that has a dog*, but which breed has the most effective bark?

With so many choices of pooch to pick from, security retailers has teamed up with veterinary nurse Emma Bradley to rank the five family dogs with the biggest barks.

According to new data*, 72% of Brits don’t own a guard dog even though it’s proving to be one of the biggest thief deterrents available. When Safe spoke to a burglary witness, they said “Everyone’s house in the area has been burgled, except ours. The difference is, we have a Dachshund and a “Beware of the Dog” sign on the fence.”

Choosing a dog can depend on the size of the home, the circumstances of the owners and more. Below is a list of five different breeds that could fit in well with various lifestyles, but all have a loud enough bark to scare criminals:

French Bulldogs: A family favourite, the rise in demand for French Bulldogs comes as a result of their playful nature. As well as their behavioural qualities, they have a piercing, high pitched bark which can startle a person when it’s unexpected. Emma Bradley adds “French Bulldogs have a gruff bark that has lots of depth. Its loud, sharp and deep, which makes for an ideal alert. They are very territorial and aren’t afraid to stand their ground either.”

German Shepherd: A loyal breed that is known for its obedience and presence, German Shepherds are a great animal to patrol a larger property. They are a very vocal breed that often growl, whine and bark, making themselves known to any intruders and alerting their owners to any unwanted presences. Emma comments “German Shepherds have a very dominating bark. In fact, they bark so loud that they often can’t hear their owners instructing them to stop. They’d be perfect for big houses and grounds that have lots of entrances.” on White

Jack Russell Terrier: By nature, Jack Russell’s are territorial. They tend to hunt and protect, making them ideal to guard a property. They are a small but mighty creature with lots of authority. Emma explains “A yappy and fearless dog, Jack Russell’s have no problems making themselves known. They are very instinctive and aren’t afraid of what they’re up against. They are also very loving and small, which would suit a smaller family home looking to up its security. Their bark is dramatic and powerful, and can instantly alert a human.” Dziubalo

Doberman: Well-known for their commitment to their owners, Dobermans tend to only bark for a purpose. They aren’t the type of breed to randomly bark through being hyper, they bark when they sense something, or want to communicate specifically. Emma adds “Normally for a Doberman, barking is an indication that something is wrong, or they want something in particular such as food or drink. They don’t bark continuously like other breeds, which is ideal for protection, as owners will know that something is wrong when the dog tries to alert you. There bark is a noisy, deep sound that would easily scare away a burglar.”

Staffordshire Bull Terrier: The playful traits of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier are what gives them so much character. They often jump up and crave attention and love from their owner, and also have a boisterous streak about them. Emma explains “Although they make lovely family pets, Staffie’s are also very protective and vocal. They can grunt, bark and shout at great volumes, and they won’t shy away from announcing themselves to people. Their bark is loud, has depth and can sound aggressive.”

Beware Of The Dog

Anthony Neary, managing director for said: “Having a dog is useful for two reasons. Firstly, burglars may be inclined to miss a property if they see a “Beware Of The Dog” sign as a big dog threatens their safety and adds a huge risk of being caught. Secondly, a barking dog alerts the owners that someone is approaching the property, they detect noise quicker than humans, which gives a clear advantage. Most burglars will completely avoid a property if they hear a bark, so we hope our recommendations will guide people on which breed to bring into your home based on their bark.”


*Safe surveyed 2,000 people

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