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LG CordZero Less Mess, Less Stress!

Keep pet fur and dust at bay with the LG CordZero™ All-in-One Tower™

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Dog owners understand how rewarding the experience of sharing our homes with our furry friends can be. The bond that we share with our dogs is both sacred and profound – dogs transcend the role of a pet and become members of our families. It is a bond for life characterized by unconditional love that is immensely beneficial for our well-being. In particular, being at home during the pandemic highlighted the comfort and companionship that dogs offer their humans during trying or stressful times.


It’s no secret that dogs bring joy and happiness, but the reality is that they also create a lot of mess. Whether it’s dirt tracked in from outside or – depending on the breed – either a little or a lot of shedding, our dogs are not known for their tidiness. And, while the mental health benefits of being a dog parent cannot be overstated, having a clean home is not only important for your physical health, it’s also essential for emotional health as well. Studies* show that a clutter and dust-free space reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety and provides an overall sense of calm and peace of mind so that you and your dog can enjoy your best life together.



We know that keeping the home clean when a dog is living there is easier said than done. With this in mind, here are a few simple steps you can take to keep fur, dirt and dust to a minimum:


1. Get the right tools for the job. The reality is, dogs shed, and they shed everywhere, which means that a good quality vacuum cleaner is essential for keeping the home clean. Enter the LG CordZero™ All-in-One Tower™. This cordless stick vacuum comes equipped with LG’s exclusive Kompressor™ technology that uses a lever to compress dirt and debris to create more space in the vacuum’s dust bin. It also comes with a docking station that auto-empties the vacuum with the touch of a button, two rechargeable batteries that provide up to 120 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time, and – best of all – a dedicated pet nozzle attachment for capturing stray hairs with ease. In other words, it’s the perfect companion for keeping fur at bay.


2. Towels, towels everywhere. Keep reusable towels by the front door, on the balcony, in your car, or anywhere your dog may be likely to be tracking in dirt from outside. Give the paws a quick scrub before your dog hops into the front seat or runs to the couch for a snuggle. With this simple tip, you’ve already saved yourself the headache of dealing with outside mess making its way inside.


3. Grooming matters. A quick brush and an occasional bath are great ways to help keep shedding to a minimum and remove the dust and dirt your dog may be bringing into the home. If the idea of bathing at home feels daunting, professional groomers have the magic touch when it comes to making your dog feel like they’re having a day at the spa.


  • Enjoying the mental and emotional benefits of dog ownership sometimes requires us to put in a bit of work so that these benefits are not outweighed by the anxiety that can come with a messy home. Having an intuitive and innovative tool like the LG CordZero™ All-in-One Tower™ can make an impact by simplifying your cleaning routine so that you can enjoy a dirt and dust-free space and get back to appreciating the joys of life with your furry friend. For more information, visit


Check out the LG CordZero™ All-in-One Tower™. This cordless stick vacuum comes equipped with several innovative features, including:


An All-in-One Tower™ 

Place your vacuum on this sleek docking station that simultaneously charges two batteries and automatically empties the dust bin every time the vacuum is placed in the dock. It also provides convenient storage for tools and attachments.


Pet nozzle

Say goodbye to fur on the bed, couch or floor. The specialized pet nozzle attachment is designed to collect stray hairs with ease from household surfaces.


LG Kompressor™ technology

Simply press the Kompressor™ lever to compress collected dirt, dust and pet hair in the bin to create more bin capacity – perfect during prime shedding season.


Two rechargeable/detachable batteries

Clean and charge at the same time with two batteries that provide up to 120 minutes of uninterrupted performance.**


Hand-held option

For optimal portability, convert the LG CordZero™ into a hand-held vacuum so you can easily clean dog fur out of car seats and couch cushions.


ThinQ® compatibility

Use the LG ThinQ® app to track your cleaning history and check vacuum diagnostics – all from your smartphone or voice assistant.


The LG CordZero™ All-in-One Tower™ has an MRSP of $1,049.00. For more information on the LG CordZero™ All-in-One Tower™ and other CordZero™ vacuums, visit


* Source: How Mental Health and Cleaning Are Connected (

** In normal mode without Power Nozzles using two batteries.

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