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“Cone of Shame” Alternative Recovery doesn’t have to be stressful!

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The “cone of shame,” also known as the old-fashioned Elizabethan collar, has long been used after medical procedures. But scientific research of the University of Sydney and the University of Glasgow* has shed light on cone of shame issues.

This research, in which 434 dog and cat owners participated, has revealed that 77.4% of the pet owners reported a decline in their pets’ quality of life while wearing a cone. They noted that their companions faced significant challenges in their daily activities. Consequently, many pet owners observed more stress in their pets.

Cone of Shame Issues

The pet cone can be challenging for dogs, causing:

  • Struggles with essential daily activities such as eating, drinking, and moving freely while wearing the cone.
  • Obstructed view, which can lead to broken vases, injured furry friends, and pet parents due to the cone’s sharp edges.
  • Amplified sounds, which can disorient or scare pets.
  • Pets and kids can easily reach the wound & dirt and bacteria can enter the wound, which increases the risk of infection.

A Pet-friendly “Cone of Shame” Alternative: Suitical’s Pet Recovery Wearables

Recognizing these shortcomings, Suitical developed pet recovery wearables together with veterinarians as a comfy alternative to the age-old pet cone. Your dog deserves nothing but the best, especially when on the road to recovery. Rather than restricting the entire head, Suitical’s innovative products are designed to protect the problem area. It’s all about making sure your dog feels cozy, comfy, and free during recovery.

The Recovery Suit® for dogs (also available for cats) protects your dog’s body after a medical procedure like neutering, during recovery periods, or in case of skin problems. Thanks to its snug fit, your dog can still enjoy its normal activities like eating, drinking, and playing. The result? Less stress and a faster recovery! The Recovery Suit® is made from high-quality cotton and a four-way stretch Invista Lycra® fabric that is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, like a second skin.

The Recovery Sleeve® is a front leg sleeve to prevent your dog from licking or biting their legs due to itchiness and discomfort from wounds, sutures, hot spots, allergies, or skin problems. It can be used on your dog’s left or right front leg. Super easy!

Problems on both legs? Stay pawsitive—the Recovery Double Sleeves® offer a suitable solution. The sleeves protect the problem area while your pup can still enjoy freedom of movement. Bonus: the sleeves can have a calming effect. Thanks to the adjustable closure, light pressure can be applied around the chest, which can be useful after surgery and with anxiety.

Happy dog, happy life!

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