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Modern Family, Modern Guy, Modern Dog

Modern Dog decided to find out just how Stonestreet’s own family, a dog-inclusive one, measures up to the almost pitch-perfect (and endearingly dysfunctional) portrait presented in Modern Family.more

What is My Dog Trying to Tell Me? This Illustrated Guide Explains!

How often do you watch your dog and read him just as well? Dogs have a rich body language that they use to great effect. We can eavesdrop on what a dog is telling you by knowing a little bit about how dogs behave when they are relaxed, happy, nervous, frustrated or angry. more

Dogs of Thunder

Canine aggression comes in many forms: dominance, fear-based, hereditary, maternal, redirected, territorial, or possessive, but whatever the type, a dog on the warpath is an untenable thing, and with good cause. They are faster, stronger, and better armed than we are, and can wreak havoc, leading to their own demise.more

Fun Fall Furballs

Stay warm and fuzzy with this gallery of reader-submitted photos more

Halloween Howlers

Check out some great Halloween Costumes submitted by readers!more

How Dogs Were Created

Because the domestication of dogs occurred so long ago during prehistoric times, many of our beliefs about people’s early relationships with dogs, wolves, and wild canines are sheer speculation. In some respects, we have not moved very far from the vision of the British writer Rudyard Kipling in 1912 when he offered his theory of the domestication of dogs in his Just So Stories. The story begins with the wild dog/wolf/jackal/coyote hanging around the home of the humans, looking at the food being cooked by the primitive human female, and feeling hungry. more


Google furkids and you will find hits on everything from dogsitters to tailored clothing: the population of pet guardians that relate to their bundles of fur much like offspring is steadily growing. Some pet parents see their dog as a child-substitute—a replacement for the unconditional love and nurturing that comes with a parent-child relationship. Others view caring for their dog as a bona fide parenting role, regardless of their choices surrounding reproduction, and seem to use the term furkids to symbolize their degree of love and commitment. more

Lady Gaga Doggie Style

In a world going increasingly digital, photographer Jesse Freidin dares to buck the trend. A loyal fan of traditional analog photography, he found himself in a unique position—desiring to do something to celebrate the unique and disappearing art of instant photography and in possession of the two of the last packs of original Polaroid instant film in the world, thanks to The Impossible Project. more

Tink + Pink

Born prematurely on a frigid February night in West Virginia along with 11 healthy, hungry piglet siblings, tiny Pink, his eyes sealed shut, was not breathing on his own. Johanna Kerby cleaned him up and got him breathing, but he was rejected by his littermates, who had no time or patience for a piglet so small. Unable to eat or stand without help, Pink could do little more than whimper quietly. The other piglets pushed him from the pen; it was too cold and he was too small to survive alone. more
Dog People vs Cat People

Dog People vs Cat People

I was having coffee with a friend of mine who is a professorof psychology. As we chatted, he brought up the fact that he had broken off his relationship with a woman he had beenseeing. “I’m a dog person and she’s a cat person, and theydon’t mix well,” he explained. more


Dog of the Week!

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