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Essential summer gear for water-loving dogs and their people. more

Water Babies

These doggies love playing in the water! more
Summer Fun

Summer Fun!

Make the most of the season with these Modern Dog-approved finds! more
Look What We Found!

Look What We Found!—Summer 2017

Nifty finds for dogs & the people who love them. more
Doggy Decor

Doggy Décor—Summer 2017

Our current obsessions & must-haves! more
Stuff We Love

Stuff We Love—Summer 2017

Modern Dog staffers' picks of the litter more

Hiking With Your Dog

Tips and gear to help you make the most of the great outdoors! more
How to Tame a Fox

How To Tame a Fox—and Build a Dog

The amazing true story of how a pair of scientists condensed the domestication process by thousands of years and made foxes every bit as loyal and tame as dogs. more
Border Collie

Have a Border Collie?

This is Where You'll Want to Be This Summer. more

TV Shows Designed for Dogs

A Q&A with the guy who invented DOGTV, a channel offering 24-hour television created especially for dogs! more


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