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The Fight for Off-Leash Dog Parks

As I finally pay bills and do laundry and all the other life chores that my passion for “the dog park fight” has kept me from for months, I ask myself, “Was this ‘doggie debit’ worth it?” more

Can Anxiety Be Trained Out Of A Dog?

I visited my area animal shelter today and noticed a beautiful one-year-old female Springer Spaniel mix for adoption. She was a stray and she is rooming with another stray with whom she gets along. more

Dog Poo Discussion a Drag

I'm a new dog owner. My Havanese puppy, Boing-Boing, is great, but I hope you understand my disgust with other dog owners. more

New Boyfriend Hates My Dogs

I really miss having my dogs available in the house and cuddling with me but it isn’t going to happen here. I am considering moving away from this man over my two dogs. more

Brain Boosting Games

Brain games—activities that demand mental problem solving—aren’t only fun, they are also good for the mind… both human AND canine. more

What Your Dog Says About You

If you saw a biker dude walking a Rottweiler with a spiked leather collar, or a Coco Chanel clone with a perfectly clipped Poodle on a Shantung silk leash, you would have little difficulty seeing how those dogs were a good reflection of their owners. But what about your own dog? What kind of portrait of you does your canine companion paint? You may not have thought about it, but the fact is that everything about your dog-its breed, size, personality, training, diet, grooming, and so on-reveals a great deal about you, for better or for worse. more

Sitting Pretty: Dog Portraiture

The history of animals as artistic subject matter goes as far back as
the bison paintings in the Lascaux caves in Dordogne, France. Artist
Wendy Grossman notes, “[Since] the dog has shared its life with humans,
from prehistoric times to now, they have been depicted in carvings and
paintings in early Egyptian, Greek, Mesopotamian and Roman art.” more

Mutts Doing Math: Not So Far-Fetched?

Some people dismiss the idea that dogs can do the most rudimentary type
of quantitative reasoning, such as determining which of two plates
contains more kibble. Early researchers claimed that dogs couldn’t
discriminate between a plate with three and another with eight kibbles.
The studies demonstrating this, however, were flawed, since the dogs’
strategy turned out to be simply “Grab the food from the closest
plate.” More careful studies have used pairs of panels, each of which
had dots painted on it. Dogs were trained to always press the panel
with the largest (or smallest) number of dots. The training was slow
but the dogs did learn this task. more
Quiz: What Kind of Dog Are You?

Quiz: What Kind of Dog Are You?

Your breed revealed! more

All in a Day's Woof

Water cooler conversation is changing these days. "Rex's breath reeks
of liver." "I know, he's so delicious. But could he have his head any
further up Buster's butt? I mean, come on!" "Now, now, don't get your
hackles up. He's just bucking for a promotion to top dog." First they
were pets. Then they were family members. Now they're becoming
colleagues. Dogs in the workplace are an increasingly common
phenomenon. As dog lovers, we welcome this advance. But does your pet
really belong in the office? With a little planning, a good portion of
common sense, and sensitivity to your colleagues, the answer is a
resounding "Yes!" more


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