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Dogged Determination

How I managed not to give up on our challenging adopted dog more

How to be the Worst Dog Mom in the World

How to be the Worst Dog Mom in the World more

Hello, It’s Your Dog

DogPhone allows dogs to video call their owners simply by moving a toy more
Best Friends Santa Sleigh

Best Friends Animal Society’s Santa Sleigh Tradition Brings Toys and Joy to Sanctuary Dogs Christmas Morning

What’s squeaky, fuzzy, fun and festive and brings pure joy to darling dogs and kind caregivers on Christmas morning? It’s the Santa Sleigh, a flatbed trailer...more
Choosing a Pet Sitter or Boarding Facility

Choosing a Pet Sitter or Boarding Facility

Introduce the sitter to your dog in advance and go through the daily routine. more

Signs You’ve Officially Become a Dog Person


Find Your Dream Dog: Shelter Dog Temperament Testing

How to assess the personality and temperament of your potential new best friend more

Unlikely Besties: Dog and Miniature Horse Become “Instant Best Friends”

Miniature therapy horse and sheepdog share adorable bond more

Short Spine Dog Stands Tall

“Frog dog” Ivy takes social media by storm! more

The Dogs Most Likely to Show Mental Decline with Age

A study of over 15,000 dogs pinpoints which factors—besides age—contribute to a dog’s loss of mental ability more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Abraham