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Reducing Your Eco-Pawprint

“I have a distinct memory of saying to my family ‘one day David Suzuki and I will be like this’ and crossed my fingers. I was about nine years old,” says Lindsay Coulter, also known as the “Queen of Green” for the David Suzuki Foundation. “I didn’t understand his job exactly, but I knew he loved nature and that he was working to save the planet. more

D.I.Y. Craft - Pawprint Slippers

Pawprint Slippers These slippers are easy to make and fun to wear. For a variation, embroider the pawprint shape on each slipper instead of using appliqué....more

Sweet Charity

Pass on the latté and instead give a couple of dollars to one of these worthy organizations. Or, in lieu of a material gift, donate in the name of a friend who has everything. A few bucks can go a long way! more

Hello, Retro!

You’ve heard of Tupperware—now meet Pupperware! That’s right
folks, and it’s coming straight to your house. more
DIY Make your own Canine First Aid Kit

DIY Make your own Canine First Aid Kit

Gearing up for a road trip down the coast or just heading to the beach for the day? Take your cue from the Girl Scouts and always be prepared with a custom First Aid Kit for your furry friend. more

The Party - How to Throw the Best Doggie Birthday Ever

The lights dim as the cake, wreathed in candles, is ceremoniously carried in to a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday.” Eager eyes follow its progress and little Sparky holds his breath in anticipation. Liver cake is his favourite. more

DIY Dog Sock Toy

Follow these simple instructions for squeaky playtime fun. more
D.I.Y. Craft - Baby Romper

D.I.Y. Craft - Baby Romper

Share some puppy love with the baby in your lifewith these one-of-a-kind appliquéd baby rompers. more

Dogs and Blogs (and Twitter and Facebook...)

Fade in.... A local dog park somewhere in Southern California. Dogs are running around, barking and chasing a ball. A large mutt comes out of nowhere and, with...more

How To Take Better Photos Of Your Dog

Taking great pictures of your furry friends can be challenging. Even with the most cooperative subject, you must take other elements into consideration to turn an average snapshot into a captivating photo. more


Dog of the Week!

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