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Puppy Love

And They Called It Puppy Love

Theresia Lee had tried online dating once before, without much luck. Several years after her first foray into the world of virtual matchmaking with services...more
Dog Park Bullies

Dog Park Bullies

Imagine this scenario: while romping at the local dog park, your dog gets jumped by a four-legged tyrant who won’t play by the rules. Instead of running,...more
Scout’s Honour!

DIY Craft - Scout’s Honour!

Super-cute camp-inspired badges made for adorning everything from your dog’s bandana to your sweater more
Better Photos

Take Way Better Photos of Your Dog

Ah, the quest for great photos of your dog, ones that capture just how adorable/goofy/sage/busy/sleepy/loved he is. Your dog, needless to say, is super...more
Stuff We Love

Stuff We Love - Fall 14

10 Secrets

10 Secrets Your Dog Isn't Telling You

#1 I’m not just taking my time There is a reason why dogs spin around before going to the bathroom and it has nothing to do with endeavouring to make you...more
15 Dogs Enjoying The Pool Weather

15 Dogs Enjoying The Pool Weather

Tillman Brody Elliott Buddy Elmo Curious George Fender Abby Otto Izak Sorpresa Sprinkles Layla Strawberry Maia And finally... Lady and her...more
Fast and easy summer treats for dogs

DIY Eat - Pops for Pups

Your dog is going to love these! Whip up these frozen treats in mere minutes. It doesn’t get any easier.  Cheese Please - Mix together equal parts cottage...more
Modern Dog Memes

More Modern Dog Memes

These dogs love ice cream

The Cone of Deliciousness

All dairy products—milk included—can cause intestinal distress in some dogs. Think diarrhea and vomiting. The culprit? Lactose. A lick or two of ice cream...more


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