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True Love Never Dies

Get out the tissues—the upcoming Hollywood adaptation of A Dog’s Purpose is set to be every bit as moving as the bestselling novel more

DIY Craft: Gift Tags

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A Love Letter or, My Dog's Journey to Become a Diamond

I can hardly write this without my eyes brimming. My little dog Rose. Where to begin? Her journey through this life was marred by unspeakable cruelty but we...more

The Best Gift Going!

Give a memorable gift and protect animals around the world this holiday season more

New Treatment For Canine Arthritis

Does your dog have early onset osteoarthritis? Or tissue-related injuries like corneal ulcers, tendon and ligament injuries, joint issues, or superficial...more

Baby, It's Cold Outside

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DIY Craft: 5-Minute Project-Make Your Dog An Adorable Fleece Scarf

Is there much cuter than a dog in a scarf? This super-easy craft is quick and simple, yielding stylish results that far outstrip the effort involved. Your dog...more

Flower Power

Here at Modern Dog, we’re BIG fans of the bully breeds. Unfortunately, these dogs still suffer a major public image problem, the sad result being they are the...more

Inspired Sleepers

These dogs have napping down more

10 Reasons Why Turmeric Is Good For Dogs

A magic ingredient that is worth every dog lover's attention more


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