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Dog Decoder

How To Read Your Dog more

DIY Craft: Flower Power!

Put some spring in your dog’s step with a flower-embellished collar! more

How To Make Your Dog Laugh (really)

Humans can imitate the sounds of dog laughter. Here's how! more

How To Choose The Right Dog For You

Finding your perfect canine personality match starts with assessing your own wants and needs. Read on for how to find your four-legged BFF... more

Westminster: Meet The New Breeds

The Pumi, Sloughi, and American Hairless Terrier Set to Compete For First Time more

The Surprising Truth About Why Dog Euthanasia Increases During The Holidays

You may not imagine there being a season for this, but there is... more

I’m Worried About Leaving My Senior Dog Alone During My Holiday Trip!

Are you afraid of leaving your dog during your holiday vacation? This is a valid, and surprisingly common concern for dog parents during these Winter months....more
12 days of Dogmas

The 12 days of Dogmas 2016

Great gift ideas for dogs and dog lovers more

Look What We Found!

Nifty finds for dogs & the people who love them more

When Death Comes as a Surprise

As an animal communicator, I often work with animals that are sick and sometimes dying. It is an aspect of my work that I love. Oftentimes a dog that is...more


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