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Sneak Peek: Modern Dog's Winter 2021 Issue is Here!

From beautiful canine finds to heartwarming and delightful dog stories, the Winter issue has it all! more

The Cold Weather Gear Guide

Canine Essentials Built for Adventuring more
Cold Weather Gear Guide

The Cold Weather Gear Guide

Canine Essentials Built for Adventuring more

Snow Day!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Check out these polar pups playing in the snow more

Wintery Pups

We get why people dislike winter so much — it's cold as anything, and our pups can sure get messy in the snow! But as with anything, dogs can find the beauty in this frosty season. Curl up with a hot chocolate and a thick blanket, and enjoy these photographs of dogs bringing joy in the darkest season of the year more

Get Cozy!

When summer ends, the weather becomes more questionable. However, for those of us that love getting cozy, the second half of the year is the perfect time for snuggling up with blankets. These dogs love getting cozy! more
Juneau Winter Wonderland Dog

Winter Wonderland Photo Gallery

In many parts of Canada and the United States, dog owners are getting to the point where we just can't wait for spring to begin, and will be thankful when spring arrives! These dogs, however, are still loving their winter wonderland, frolicking in the snow and braving the cold weather! more
Hurtta's Summit Parkas

Hurtta's Summit Parkas

Burrr! It's cold out there! Luckly for us, Hurtta's Summit Parka is here to keep our favorite pups nice and warm. Newly redesigned, this parka is waterproof...more
Winter Leash

Winter Leash

Everyone knows that regardless of the awful weather outside, all dogs are still up for a walk! Winter Leash makes those cold winter walks enjoyable with their...more
Dog Gone Smart - Aspen Parka

Dog Gone Smart - Aspen Parkas

Protect your dog from cold winter weather with Dog Gone Smart's Aspen Parka. This award-winning parka boasts a waterproof shell with a soft fleece lining...more


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