1. Stay safe and visible during dark evening walks with Rayco’s Pet Safety Bandana. Made with lightweight and durable nylon, this bandana features reflective striping to ensure your dog is seen. This machine-washable essential is available in multiple sizes! (from $7; shoprayco.com)


2. Your dog will be ready for exploring a winter wonderland with the Adventure Backpack from ZippyPaws! Made from durable ripstop and breathable fabric, this comfortable pack is designed to hold water, treats, and other outdoor adventure necessities. (from $30; zippypaws.com)


3. Venture out no matter the weather! The Glacier Dog Coat from Shedrow K9 features a durable water- and wind-resistant outer shell to keep your pup warm and dry! Adjustable chest and belly band closures and discreet elastic leg straps keep the coat secure while reflective piping offers enhanced visibility. (from $45; shedrowk9.com)


4. With rain, snow, and slush, the winter season means muddy paws! The Dexas MudBuster is an easy way to clean your pup’s feet and remove salt and de-icing compounds as well. Simply add water into the tumbler and insert your dog’s paw; soft, gentle, and thick silicone bristles effortlessly remove all traces of mud and dirt. A must-have for the car and entry way! (from $22; dexas.com)


5. Protect your dog’s paws from snow, slush, and road salt with Walkaboots dog boots from Walkabout Harnesses. The rubber sole provides insulation while the water-resistant neoprene shell and moisture-absorbing liner keep paws dry. (from $20; walkaboutharnesses.com)


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