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Dogs Get Safe Haven From Domestic Abuse

A study published by the ASPCA based on research done in 11 U.S. cities revealed that a history of pet abuse is one of the four most significant indicators of...more

Go Puppies!

Before this year’s team of rookie shelter pups hit the field for Animal Planet’s PUPPY BOWL X, the coaches enlisted a top-notch and very special training...more

Spotting REAL service dogs from the fakes

There’s been a lot in the news lately about fake service dogs – people taking their dogs places and claiming that they need  emotional support from their...more

Service Dogs With A Passion For Children

I love service dogs who devote their time working for children's causes. The first time I met Surf Dog Ricochet was on the red carpet at the American Humane...more

Top Travel Destinations for You and Your Pooch

TripAdvisor announced the top 10 pet-friendly properties in the U.S. together with the results of its pet travel survey which revealed that the number of U.S. respondents who plan to travel with pets in the next 12 months (44 percent) is down significantly from last year (71 percent).more

July is National Doghouse Repair Month

  July is National Dog House Repairs Month. And while I firmly believe that dogs should be inside and sleeping on your bed,  I have to accept that there arte...more

Dogs WIth No Names

I don’t often write about books in my blogs simply because I don’t have the time to read them all. And you know the saying -- don’t judge a book by its cover....more

Doing the Hippie Doggie Shake

It’s almost the summer solstice and long lazy days ahead. Dogs definitely enjoy summer too, especially if it includes joining the kids in the pool, at the...more

Cat-approved Dog Beds

I recently found myself with a house full of pet beds to test for a report I was preparing for a national consumer publication.  As they got unpacked and...more

A New Breed of Pet Store

I, along with other pet lovers cheered when the Southern California city in which I live finally banned pet shops from selling pets from puppy mills. Hopefully...more


Dog of the Week!

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