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Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning as told by dogs

Oh goodness, the house is a mess. It's like you've been living in filth since last summer. It's time to get to work. You've gathered up the random stuff that...more
Civilized Dogs

Video of the Day - Dogs have a civilized meal

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Storm the Weather Dog

Video of the Day - Weather dog steals spotlight

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Puppy learning to catch

Video of the Day - Puppy learning to catch

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Dogs being vacuumed

Video of the Day - Dogs being vacuumed

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Dogs on Trampolines

Video of the Day - Dogs on Trampolines

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Bucket of Puppies

Puppy Gifs

from The Frogman by Unknown from Tastefully Offensive by Unknown by Unknown Check out more adorable puppy gifs at Cheezburger more
Cooper loves ice cream

Video of the Day - Cooper loves ice cream

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Corgi on a Carousel

Video of the Day - Corgi on a Carousel

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Mastiff and Rabbit

Video of the Day - Unlikely Friends

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