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jasper swag bag

Jasper Swag Walking Bags

Tired of overstuffed pockets and things tied to your dogs leash? Wear a Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag to stow gear like treats and poop bags! It fits cross body...more


These super comfortable waterproof shoes by Sloggers are perfect for walking the dog! They can handle any kind of mess - just hose off or wipe clean and they'...more
Leashed to my heart

Leashed to My Heart

Spoil your dog (and yourself!) with these gorgeous ombre rope leashes by Leashed To My Heart. They come in a variety of fashionable styles and sizes to ensure...more
Roo Raingear

Roo Raingear

  With its durability and style it's obvious Roo Raingear put a lot of time and effort to think of a simple yet practical design for their dog ponchos. The...more
Chi-Dog Collar

Chi-Dog Walladoodle Collars

Chicago Pride is running high right now after the Cub’s amazing win in the World Series, and I like to show off my excitement with my dog’s awesome Chi-Dog...more
Growl Towel

Growl Towels

Living on the West Coast we get a lot of rain. I love, love my super soft, 100% cotton Growl Towel for drying my pup after those rainy day beach walks.  And my...more

Nerf Dog Tennis Blaster

There's nothing quite like appearing at the dog park with the Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster to the delight of dogs and children alike. When throwing the ball...more
pet fusion

Art Screen Pet Gates

Keeping your pet safely enclosed has never looked better! Fusion's beautiful pet gates are made of polycarbonate panels that allow light to pass through their...more
Kleptodog Studios

Kleptodog Studios

Celebrate your best friend this Valentine's Day with a custom portrait from Kleptodog Studios! Artist Jen Schellenberg perfectly captures each dog's uniqueness...more
Three Cheers for Corgis

Three Cheers for Corgis

Know someone obsessed with Corgis? Three Cheers for Corgis is the perfect line for that Corgi fanatic in your life. This adorable line has everything from mugs...more


Dog of the Week!

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