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Pet First Aid Courses

What if there’s an emergency with your pet? How cool would it be to know how to perform first aid to your furry buddy!  Walks & Wags offers Pet First Aid...more
Bagel Bed by Bessie and Barnie

Bagel Bed by Bessie and Barnie

A great dog bed is worth its weight in dog biscuits. I'm looking for beds that are durable, comfortable enough for my senior guy, Cranston, and that also fit...more
Konan Koalition Fundraising T Shirts

Konan Koalition Fundraising T Shirts

Anyone who has ever had to face a serious medical problem with their dog knows the heartbreak that goes along with it. If that isn't tough enough, dealing with...more
Loft Bench Seat Cover

Say no to dirty car seats!

Dirty dog is a happy dog, but are you happy when your car is a mess? Make sure to cover your seats with a custom fit Loft Bench Seat Cover from Kurgo! It’s...more
Tea Candle Votive

Hand-painted Ceramic Tea Candle Votives

I love these hand-painted ceramic tea candle votives. Place a lit tea candle inside and they emanate a warm, festive ambience. Choose from quirky Dachshund,...more
Escape Proof Harness Lead

Escape Proof Harness Lead

As someone who walks a fussy pug who often escapes "unescapable" harness systems, I am eager to give the Harness Lead a try. Their philosophy and tips about...more
Earth Rated Poop Bags

Eco-friendly poop bags!

If you are a responsible dog owner who also cares about the environment, Earth Rated compostable bags are a great choice! They are made from corn-based...more
Sturdi Products

Make traveling easy!

Make traveling easy with a Sturdi carrier. more
Alqo Wasi Alpaca blend sweater

Alqo Wasi Alpaca blend sweater

Keep your pup warm this winter with Alqo Wasi's super cute Mystery Earth sweater. The Alpaca blend knit will keep Fido warm and cozy, and the fun, zig zag...more
1Z Dog Coat

1Z Dog Coat

The 1Z Dog Coat is a 2-in-1 hi-tech coat designed like a great fitting ski jacket. With its full belly coverage and hassle-free built-in harness it has...more


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