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World Pup

The World Pup!

The World Cup is just around the corner and Life on White has taken some iconic "national" breeds of dogs and put them into their country's team jersey!  The...more
Dog Steals Gloves

Video of the Day - Dog joins in on some softball

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Meme Dogs

Modern Dog Memes

Storm the Weather Dog

Video of the Day - Weather dog steals spotlight

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puppy pad

Puppy Pad Depot

One size definitely doesn't fit all when it comes to puppy training pads, and Puppy Pad Depot is a great place to get exactly the size and type of pad that...more
Kiss My Mutt bed

Kiss My Mutt indoor/outdoor bed

It can be hard to find good quality, attractive, eco-friendly accessories for your dog, but Kiss My Mutt has a fantastic line of dog beds that fit these needs...more
Cooper loves ice cream

Video of the Day - Cooper loves ice cream

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Anything Dogs Dapper Breed Neckties

Anything Dogs Dapper Breed Neckties

A man and a dog is already a pretty powerful combination—an adorable, fluffy, big-hearted canine with a rough and tumble guy is enough to make a gal swoon. Add...more
Dog plays with kitten

Video of the Day - Dog plays with kitten

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Squirrel Hides Nut

Patient dog watches confused squirrel

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Dog of the Week!

Meet: Domy