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Sweet Potato chew

Sweet Potato Chews by Snook's Pet Products

Modern Dog office dog Leela the Corgi just loves her Sweet Potato Chew from Snook's Pet Products! This delicious treat, made from dried golden sweet potatoes, is full of fiber and nutrients, so is great for dogs with digestive problems. more
QChefs Protein Dental Hard Chews

Protein Dental Hard Chews by QChefs

Made by a young chef and microbiologist in Germany, QChefs' Protein Dental Hard Chews are an all-natural dog chew which contain absolutely no additives or fillers! Fantastic for dogs that are strong chewers, these Protein Dental Hard Chews contain casein protein (from milk), which has an antibacterial effect that neutralizes 80% of caries bacteria and their acids. more
Bionic Urban Stick

Bionic Urban Stick by Outward Hound

The Bionic Urban Stick by Outward Hound is a supernaturally strong chew toy for dogs. Available in easy-to-spot neon colours, this interactive treat-holding chew toy will pose a challenge to even the toughest chewers. more
Summit Dog Co's Three-Ingredient Dog Chew

Summit Three-Ingredient Dog Chew

Want to keep your pal occupied while also delighting his tastebuds? For an awesome long-lasting treat, we love Summit Dog Co's three-ingredient dog chew, handmade in the beautiful Himalayan countryside! This all-natural cheese chew is also a great choice as it only has three ingredients--milk, lime juice, and salt. more

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Himalayan Dog Chew

Looking for a new treat for your dog? Your search ends here with Himalayan Dog Chews. They offer chews for dogs of all sizes that can offer your pup a long-...more

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