Sniff Walk

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Walking should be fun for you and your dog, it’s an opportunity to explore the world together. Walks are, of course, great physical exercise for dogs (and us) but they also have the opportunity to be enriching. Unfortunately, in our busy world with cell phones and work schedules and errands that need to be run, sometimes walking the dog becomes just another chore, and the focus becomes getting from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sniffing is natural to our dogs; it’s their most dominant sense and is stress relieving. more
dog liver treat recipe

Dog Liver Treat Recipe

Category: Nutrition
Dog Liver Treat Recipe   Ingredients » 1 pound organic beef liver » 2 eggs more
ConairPRO Groom With Love

Three Steps to Groom Your Pet with Love

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In Partnership with ConairPRO The grooming process can seem like a daunting task to some, but the key to a successful home grooming is knowing where and how to begin. Conair's specialty, ConairPRO Dog® & Cat™ - Groom With Love line walks you through the necessary steps and grooming tools needed to groom on your own. You can say goodbye to pricey professional grooming sessions and create a bonding moment with your pet by following three simple steps: Prep, Groom, and Finish. PREP more
dog climbing stairs

Stair Masters

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I was booked to do a live segment for my local television news station on dog training. As usual, I brought one of my dogs along. This time it was my black Labrador Retriever Logan’s turn. We arrived at the station and the producer met us in the lobby.  “I’m so sorry, our elevator is broken. We’ll have to take the stairs,” she said. more
Pet Talk: How To Prepare For Your Pet’s Death

Pet Talk: How To Prepare For Your Pet’s Death

Category: Health
For many of us, the connection we share with companion animals extends beyond just friendly company; our pets are considered a part of the family. The truly unique love between an owner and their pet is something one has to experience to understand. Although a pet may be a very loved and important family member, it is important to be sensitive and aware of your pet’s needs as they age. more


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