How to Spoil Your Pet with Healthy Treats This Holiday Season

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Are you looking for some great stocking stuffers for your pets this holiday season? PureBites has some suggestions that will keep your dog’s tail wagging all season long. more
Pot For Pets

What You Need To Know About Pot For Pets

Category: Health
Don't be surprised if you notice a certain calm settling over the dog park on your next visits. Suddenly, that holy terror terrier is feeling much better about himself. Fido has found his chill. That could be because cannabis-based products are now flooding the canine market. more
Haylie Duff

DIY Eat - Haylie Duff's Baked Dog Treats

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Haylie Duff's passion for dogs is no secret, nor is her love of cooking. She created this recipe for baked dog treats to spoil her beloved dog Chicken, who goes nuts for these delightful treats. You can find this recipe and many more in The Real Girl's Cookbook by Haylie, herself.  INGREDIENTS more
I'm Yunity

Magical Medicinal Mushrooms

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Fight cancer the natural way with I'm-Yunity, a medicinal mushroom extract made from the Coriolus Versicolor, or Zhi, mushroom. An effective way to help the body fight cancer is to boost immune function, and this clinically proven mushroom supplement not only improves the immune systems of dogs but also slows the growth of cancerous hemangiosarcoma tumours, and in some cases, reduces their size. more
why foster a dog

Be A Super Hero: Foster a Dog!

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Why foster a dog? When Emmie was brought into Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, CA, burns covered most of her small body. Veterinary staff believed it was a chemical burn but weren’t sure how it happened or what the substance was. What the shelter did know was that their “super foster” of five years, Peggy Coppin—she’s fostered over 100 dogs to date—would provide the temporary home Emmie needed to recover. more


Dog of the Week!

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