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Can Your Pet Get COVID-19?

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Veterinarians still say it is highly unlikely that the virus can be transmitted from humans to pets, and vice versa. COLLEGE STATION, March 24, 2020 – Whether or not your pet can become infected with the COVID-19 virus has produced some confusion. While some reports have surfaced that pets cannot contract the virus, other reports say it is still possible. So what’s the truth? more
Is Your Dog a City Hound?

Is Your Dog a City Hound?

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What's your dog's summer personality type? Are they a Party Pup, Adventure Pooch, Water Dog or City Hound? Take our Hello Summer Quiz to see what type of summer adventures best suit your dog.    Here's our recommended products for all the City Hounds out there! more
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Final Moments, Spent At Home

Category: Dog Life
Rosie was the “friendliest, goofiest” German Shepherd Lisa Walsh ever met in 17 years of running a dog walking business in San Francisco. The dog was already at least ten years old when Lisa formally adopted her from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, a group dedicated to giving senior pups a second chance. The bond was instant, and intense.  more

The Solution To Your Dog’s Marking and Accidents

Category: Dog Life
Does your dog have incontinence issues or a seemingly intractable marking problem? Whether your dog is spot marking, not house trained yet, or experiencing bladder issues, Pet Parent's dog wraps contain the mess, keeping both your house and your dog clean and dry! more
How An Autistic Child Learned to Say 'I Love You'

How An Autistic Child Learned to Say 'I Love You'

Category: Inspire
What happens to the dogs who are trained but don't quite make it as fully-fledged guide dogs? The answer is that they are given a "career change" and could become a sniffer dog, an assistance dog for physically disabled people or be re-homed as a pet. But a newer service from Guide Dogs repurposes specially chosen ones as "buddy dogs" to help blind and partially sighted children who would benefit from having a well trained dog. more


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