Hiking With Your Dog

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When I'm preparing to go on a hike, my canine companions are always at my side, ready for an adventure. While I slip into worn hiking shoes and pack enough water for the trek, my dogs Callisto and Asta watch me with tails wagging, all eager anticipation. more

Why You and Your Dog Should Take Collagen

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Collagen supplements benefit skin, joint, bone, muscle, and heart health.   more
Healthy Dog Treats

Healthy Dog Treats Straight From Your Kitchen!

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Training Mistakes

Top 9 Common Dog Training Mistakes

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Are YOU Making These Common Dog Training Mistakes? “She doesn’t listen to us. We’re so frustrated!” the woman said as I walked in the door. “That’s why we called a dog trainer.” It’s true the little Goldendoodle was all over the map. Tell her to sit and she would, but in two seconds she’d jump up and dash off. Sometimes instead of sitting, she would lie down.   “What’s your release cue? The word you use to tell Fidget it’s ok for her to get up from sitting?” I asked. more
5 Fun Volunteer Ideas

5 Fun Volunteer Ideas to Help Shelter Dogs

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Transport Animals more


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