“I Missed You!”

Category: Health
Those without dogs are often quick to dismiss the canine ability to feel emotion and express love. We dog lovers know otherwise—and now science has proved it. New research from Japan suggests that dogs actually tear up with happiness when reunited with their guardians after a long absence. more
Training Mistakes

Top 9 Common Dog Training Mistakes

Category: Dog Training
Are YOU Making These Common Dog Training Mistakes? “She doesn’t listen to us. We’re so frustrated!” the woman said as I walked in the door. “That’s why we called a dog trainer.” It’s true the little Goldendoodle was all over the map. Tell her to sit and she would, but in two seconds she’d jump up and dash off. Sometimes instead of sitting, she would lie down.   “What’s your release cue? The word you use to tell Fidget it’s ok for her to get up from sitting?” I asked. more
Cover Dog Contest: The Top 10 Runner Up Dogs

Cover Dog Contest: The Top 10 Runner Up Dogs

Category: Dog Life
Australian Shepherd, Baltimore, MD  Keller is a double merle Australian Shepherd. She is deaf and vision impaired, but as her owner Amanda Fuller says, “she will steal your heart in a minute!” Keller’s disabilities are due to irresponsible breeding, so Amanda has set out to spread awareness (check out “She proves to me every day that life is worth living.”   more
How to Bike With Your Dog

How to Bike With Your Dog—No Matter What Size!

Category: Play
Cool accessories that let you bring your dog—big or small—along for the ride   more
Dog with blue toy in bed with couple

The Other Female in Our Bed

Category: Dog Life
I would rather have come home from my spa weekend and discovered my husband in bed with another woman than with a two-month-old Labrador Retriever curled between his legs. The woman would have been gone within seconds. As for that puppy? She was here to stay. “Don’t you just love Ziva?” my daughter asked several days later as I sprayed yet another carpet deodorizer that promised to bring “pine freshness” onto our living-room carpet. “Isn’t she adorable and fun?” more


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