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Final Moments, Spent At Home

Category: Dog Life
Rosie was the “friendliest, goofiest” German Shepherd Lisa Walsh ever met in 17 years of running a dog walking business in San Francisco. The dog was already at least ten years old when Lisa formally adopted her from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, a group dedicated to giving senior pups a second chance. The bond was instant, and intense.  more

Beyond Borders

Category: Inspire
Borders frequently feel like archaic distinctions, but never more so than when the welfare of animals is at stake. Animals don't care about nationalities or geography—they just want homes. NOBARS, or No Borders Animal Rescue Society, feels the same way. Their mission is to rescue stray, abandoned, abused, or surrendered animals—regardless of where they come from. NOBARS' specialty is to help save dogs facing life-threatening circumstances and uncertain futures in Mexico and then bring them to Canada. more
Mudi Dog sitting outside looking attentively

Meet the Mudi

Category: Breeds
An athletic Hungarian farm dog has joined the American Kennel Club’s recognized purebred lineup. Of herding lineage, the Mudi (pronounced “moody”) is descended from Hungarian sheepdogs, hence its versatile and hardworking nature. Shaggy and medium-sized, this dog can herd sheep and excels in canine sports like agility. Fanciers agree they are very trainable but need things to do. more

Your Dog Is Talking—Are You Listening?

Category: Dog Training
It was my first time meeting a new client and her puppy. Her older dog was trying to get my attention but the puppy kept intervening. “Puppy getting on the other dog’s nerves, right?” I asked. “Not so much. He’s amazingly tolerant of her,” she replied. “Well, he’s about had enough,” I said. Just then, the older dog snapped. The puppy yipped and scrambled away. “How did you know he was going to do that?” my client asked, surprised. “Do you talk Dog or something?” more
Baby Talk to Your Dog

Chances Are You Baby-Talk to Your Dog... But Does He Care?

Category: Dog Life
When I walked into the room I heard a woman speaking to someone. She was saying "You are so adorable! Yes you are! You are. You are so sweet that you make sugar seem sour. Don't you? Don't you?" She had pitched her voice quite high and was delivering the words in a melodious rhythm. Before I even turned to look at her, I knew that she was speaking to either a baby or a dog. When I did look in her direction I saw that she was holding a cream-coloured Pomeranian to whom this outpouring of affection was directed. more


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