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Doggie I Do’s And Don’ts

If you’re getting married and plan to include fur kids, make sure you are well groomed in wedding petiquette

By: Sandy Robins

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  • Check that the venues for the ceremony and the reception allow pets.
  • Discuss Fido’s role in the ceremony with other key players such as parents and other members of the retinue to ensure no one is scared of dogs or allergic to dog hair.
  • It’s a good idea to have several practice runs at home before the final wedding rehearsal. Some dogs are well-trained enough to come down the aisle on their own. Otherwise it’s a good idea to have them walk on a leash with someone they know.
  • A cute little flower girl and an Old English Sheepdog may make a wonderful Kodak moment, but ensure they match each other in weight otherwise the dog may sweep the child off her feet!
  • If you are planning to entwine fresh flowers on a leash or add a garland around your dog’s neck, avoid flowers that are toxic to animals, like lily-of-the-valley, daffodils, narcissus, sweet peas, and tulips. For a full list go to
  • Dogs are very intuitive and sometimes pick up on the nerves and emotions of the moment. Calming sprays like Comfort Zone help to calm doggie nerves.
  • Make sure canine members of the wedding party go for a walk and a bathroom break before the ceremony begins.
  • When the ceremony is in progress, keep treats handy in case you need to distract an exuberant pup.
  • After the wedding vows, an elderly pet may be tired and prefer to be taken home rather than attend the reception. However, if you plan to let your pet be present, ask guests to refrain from slipping any tidbits under the table. When they’re excited, dogs tend to overeat and could get sick. Instead, provide special doggie cake and biscuits and lots of fresh water. There are some magnificent pet food bowls and drinking flutes that would easily match the elegance of the grandest occasion.
  • If you are planning on having several dogie guests at the reception, it’s a good idea to have a pet sitter on hand to take charge.

Finally, what happens when the party is over? Does Fido get to go along on the honeymoon, too?

Well, that’s a whole different ball game…


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By: Sandy Robins
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