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Hello, Retro!

You've heard of Tupperware, now meet Pupperware

By: Jennifer McRae-Huls

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Illustration by Jess Golden

You’ve heard of Tupperware—now meet Pupperware! That’s right
folks, and it’s coming straight to your house.
Designed around the concept of the original Tupperware party, the
Pupperware party is fast becoming a popular pastime amongst the
canine set, with dog-loving friends, neighbours, and acquaintances
across North America meeting for snacks and cocktails. Now, I realize
that this already occurs—just ask me what I did last weekend—
but the difference here is these friends are shopping for dog products
at the same time. Talk about multitasking.

Pupperware parties are bringing dog lovers and their dogs together
under one roof for a fun afternoon or evening fi lled with the
latest dog products that can be sniffed, felt, and experimented with
before placing an order. Party consultants receive a commission
while hosts receive large discounts on their order. Party attendees on
the other hand, get to shop while drinking.

To catch the Pupperware wave, including info on how to become
a consultant, check out in Canada or
and in the U.S.—Jessica Nosek


Last Updated:

By: Jennifer McRae-Huls
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