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Dogs Who Truly Get Valentine’s Day

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, these dogs (and their hoomans) are definitely feeling the love.

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Header Photo: Luljo/

1) Sumo, Ayumi, and Tonka

Image via 3bulldogges


2) Jazzy and Cooper

Image via bordernerd


3) Trigger and Mia

Image via trigger_and_mia


4) Carter and Toby

Image via carterandtoby


5) Akira and Blaze

Image via husky_quartet


6) Kokoro and Chibi

Image via emwng


7) Tasuku and Muu

Image via ayasakai


8) HoneyB and BumbleB

Image via honeyb_doodle


9) Kingsley and Sailor

Image via kingsleyandsailor


10) Theo, Beau, and Evvie

Image via mommasgonecity


11) Kobi, Bob, and Dillon

Image via kobi_bob_and_dillon


12) Ollie and Decka

Image via nicole_ransom


13) Lara and Cookie

Image via ps.ny


14) Sebastian and Luna

Image via sebastianlovesluna


15) Simon and Sachi

Image via simonthejackchi

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