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Instagram’s Top Dogs

Not a single one of these dogs has less than a million followers. Read on for the ‘secret sauce’ (underbites, stunning outdoor photography) that makes these accounts stand out.

By: Alice Sewell

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1. @thedogist | 3.8M followers

Millennial Elias Weiss Friedman started this account way back in 2013, in the early days of Instagram. He found success with dog-focused photos inspired by the street style posts of accounts like The Sartorialist. Highlighting the canine residents of New York City and beyond, The Dogist perfectly captures pups from all over the world and showcases their individual stories. With a new post almost every day, it’s a must follow for dog lovers looking to get their doggo fix.


2. @thiswildidea | 1.3 M followers

Photographer Theron Humphrey’s Instagram prominently features his “best friend, Maddie the Coonhound” whom he met traversing all 50 states. There isn’t a single one of his photos that doesn’t make us want to pack up and hit the road with our dogs in tow. Capturing vast landscapes and casting a magic light on country living, @thiswildidea makes you appreciate the simpler things in life. The fact that Maddie seems to have her eyes closed in most photos just makes it just that much more charming.


3. @itsdougthepug | 3.9M followers

As the self-proclaimed “king of pop culture,” this super-duper-cute Pug knows how to create content that pleases—just ask his 3.9 million followers. With his adorable grin, Pug sassiness, and a range of great costume and photo props, Doug the Pug won’t just have you hitting that like button but will probably inspire you to up your own Instagram game. If following isn’t enough, he also has his own line of merch.


4. @manny_the_frenchie | 1.1M followers

As the world’s most followed Bulldog, Manny has his Instadog game down! Hit follow and you’ll be charmed by his sweet smile and cute demeanor. This philanthro-pup even has his own foundation helping animals and humans in need and is an advocate for dog flu awareness. Adorable and philanthropic—what’s not to love?


5. @jiffpom | 10M followers

Jiffpom may as well be the ultimate Instagram pup. Can you really call yourself a dog lover if you aren’t following Jiffpom already? This unique and memorable pup will take you on his exciting daily dog influencer adventures while striving to put a smile on your face with every post.


6. @tunameltsmyheart | 2.1M followers

How can you not love this uniquely adorable Dachshund-Chihuahua mix?! With his ridiculously cute overbite and quirky outfits, loveable Tuna, a champion for the underdog, has definitely melted the hearts of his over two million followers.


7. @tuckerbudzyn | 2.4M followers

This meme-centric account follows Tucker the Golden Retriever on his daily activities with his human whom he’s named Linda (her real name is Courtney!) as he explores the world, is bamboozled by Linda’s tricks (including being sneaked “heckin” vegetables) and goes about every day challenges and activities. This funny pup is guaranteed to provide laughs!


8. @loki | 2M followers

If you love Northern breeds and stunning outdoor vistas, you need to follow Loki the Wolf Dog. This account showcases Husky/Malamute/Arctic Wolf-mix Loki’s travels with his owner Kelly Lund, causing serious travel envy while providing your daily dose of dog.


9. @mayapolarbear | 1.9M followers

This video-heavy account follows super ‘floofy’ Samoyed Maya as she ‘borks’ her way through life. Featuring insanely cute videos and photos of her snacking on fruit and veggies, navigating her way down confusing escalators, trying on different costumes and accessories, and being all around adorable, this popular Samoyed needs to be in your feed.



10. @moderndogmag | 49.2k followers

For day-brightening dog photos, giveaways, the hilarious videos, look no further than @moderndogmag. Adorable dog faces galore guarantee this is a feel-good follow if we do say so ourselves.

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By: Alice Sewell
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