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These Foster Dogs Are Looking For Temporary Homes

Could one of these cuties crash on your couch for a bit?

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Fostering is a short-term commitment and, most often, all expenses are covered. By temporarily opening your heart and home, you help give a dog a second chance and create space in shelters and rescues so that they can save more lives. Plus, it makes your heart feel good. At Modern Dog we’ve fostered numerous dogs and can attest to what a wonderful experience it is. Check out these cuties and consider fostering—we’re willing to bet you won’t regret it. Find more dogs in your area looking for a foster home at, a wonderful website featuring over 30,000 pets in need of fostering.

Lincoln is typical of many of the dogs taken in by Friends of Homeless Animals: he is young, playful, sweet, and loving—life just dealt him a bad hand and he ended up at a rural Texas shelter. He made his way from Texas to New England via Friends of Homeless Animals, which partners with several rescues throughout the country and often take dogs from other states that have overcrowded shelters.
Interested in helping by fostering the adorable Lincoln? Contact or

Gigi is a three-year-old Papillon mix who loves to go for walks and enjoys socializing with everyone she meets along the way. She's a well-behaved pooch who always has a smile on her face and is looking for a foster home to help her on her journey to finding her forever family.
Interested in fostering Gigi? Contact

This amazing boy had a hard start in life. Surrendered by his family, he was then misdiagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, which left him without proper care for his autoimmune ailments. Luckily, Rugaz Rescue scooped him up and Zero is now undergoing treatment for his seizures and an ear infection. But! Everything can be controlled and maintained and Zero is looking for a foster home to help him spend his golden years as he so deserves. Dogs like Zero wouldn’t have a chance at a happily ever after without foster parents who open their hearts and homes.
Interested in fostering Zero? Contact or Their all-volunteer organization helps dogs of all breeds and ages, but has a special focus on Pit Bull and Mastiff-type dogs.

Poor Treasure was neglected and then abandoned with several serious health issues. Local animal control contacted Friends of Homeless Animals (motto:“Rescuing Small Dogs with Big Hearts”), known for taking in dogs that others might overlook. They took Treasure into their rescue and she is now one of their hospice dogs in need of a foster home where she will be loved, spoiled, and treated like a princess for as long as she needs. Since Friends of Homeless Animals does not have a physical shelter, without foster homes, they would not be able to help dogs like Treasure.
Interested in fostering Treasure? Contact or

Zeek is a three-year-old male Collie mix. Through no fault of his own, Sweet Zeek was surrendered to the shelter by his owner. Zeek did not show well in the shelter (it’s very stressful there, you know) and this landed him on the euthanasia list. Dallas Pets Alive was able to spring him just in time and he is an amazing dog!
Interested in fostering Zeek? Contact

Adrian is a two-year-old male Pitbull/Boxer mix. Brought in as a stray, Adrian Beltre was on the euthanasia list after his stray hold was up. Dallas Pets Alive pulled him just in time! He loves spending time with other dogs and watching sports movies.
Interested in fostering Adrian? Contact

Lamar is a five-year-old Retriever/Husky mix. He's house trained and crate trained (though he doesn't need a crate). He's very laid back, loves all people and kids, and is okay with other social dogs with a proper introduction. No cats though please. Lamar was rescued by Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, a non-profit volunteer-based organization dedicated to rescuing dogs and cats from high-kill shelters in north Georgia. They operate through a network of foster homes in the north metro Atlanta area and could use your help to save more dogs!
Interested in fostering Lamar? Contact

Gerry is a two-year-old male Shepherd mix and total sweetheart. Dallas Pets Alive pulled Gerry from the shelter he was at with just minutes to spare—he was about to be euthanized. He had come into the shelter as a stray and Dallas Pets Alive volunteers immediately fell in love with him.
Interested in fostering Gerry? Contact

Loretta Lynn is a 12-year-old female Chihuahua. This sweet girl has been through it all. She came into the shelter in very poor condition. She had heartworm, a skin condition and luxating patellas in both back knees but she is now on the mend thanks to Dallas Pets Alive.
Interested in fostering Loretta? Contact

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