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We Asked: What Lessons Have You Learned From Your Dog?

Lessons learned from dogs.

By: Jaime Lowe

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You don’t need a bunch of toys or treats to make you happy. Lots of love and a stick are just as good, if not better. – Marnie Goodfriend

Stop and play every once in awhile, even if you think you are too busy. – Heather Ulmer

How to be completely single-minded in pursuit of a treat. – Rupunzel Book

It’s fun to just run around like a crazy person sometimes. – Amanda Srigley

Leap for joy for everything you get! – Margie Fulkerson

Always greet someone when they walk in the door. – Ivy Glick

To stop and say hello to strangers. Sometimes they need puppy love too. – Michelle Fremont

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…and then if all else fails, take a nap. – Kristina Salisbury

Life’s too short to be cranky. – Justin Porter

Never leave your false teeth on the coffee table…Border Collies will play with anything! – Sylvia Weatherby-King

If you make enough noise, people will give you what you want. – Monica Hudak

Always be yourself, even when everyone’s watching! – Raquel Sanchez


Last Updated:

By: Jaime Lowe
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