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Third-grader Invents Revolutionary Dog Dryer

The result is the ingeniously simple and effective Puff-N-Fluff

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All dog people are familiar with the trial and tribulations of the dreaded B-word: Bath Time. If wiggling, whining, and water everywhere weren’t enough to make you throw in the towel, next comes attempting to dry off a soaking wet dog.

A third-grader stepped up to the plate to solve this problem. As a school project, Marissa Streng was tasked with coming up with an original invention. The then nine-year old looked to her furry family member, Mojo the Pug, for inspiration. Mojo disliked being dried off and Mojo’s family disliked the resulting wet-dog smell and damp furniture, so Marissa’s goal was to invent a quick-drying solution that Mojo couldn’t run away from. The result is the ingeniously simple and effective Puff-N-Fluff. This revolutionary dog dryer is essentially a rectangular piece of material with elastic leg holes that easily fastens around your dog from head to tail. Just attach a hair dryer to the flex-hose and let warm air completely engulf and circulate around your pooch until they are nice and dry. The Puff-N-Fluff can also be used to warm up after chilly walks and remove icicles from fur in winter, making it a solution for all seasons. Way to go, Marissa! Available in sizes from XS – L. From $35,

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