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Say Goodbye to That Slimy Layer in Your Dog’s Water Bowl!

We’ve found the solution

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Hate scrubbing away that bacteria-ridden layer of slime that forms in the bottom of your dog’s water dish? We’ve found the solution: CuBowl, a new company founded by a former microbiology grad student makes naturally antimicrobial copper-plated pet bowls! Dave Nogas and his partner Kristin Smart came up with the idea after a conversation about the annoyance of having to constantly be cleaning the slimy layer in their dog Xavi’s water bowl.

Pairing science and style, CuBowl’s copper water bowls employ the oligodynamic property of cooper to naturally prevent the sliminess we all know and hate, helping to ensure that the water your dog is drinking is of optimal quality. Add to this CuBowl’s lovely copper colour and we think we may have found both you and your dog’s new favourite water bowl! $17,

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