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A love that knows no bounds: tattooed tributes to (wo)man’s best friend

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Cory Ferguson

Cory Ferguson is a tattoo artist who has tattooed many a dog portrait. The one most dear to his heart, however, is of his own dog, Yorkshire terrier Earl, done by Valerie Vargas.

Huckleberry Starnes

Huckleberry Starnes’ yellow Lab, Scout Finch, was a constant companion. The tattoo is placed at exactly where Scout would have been when walking next to him. A perfect tribute. Tattoo by Phil Colvin of Memorial Tattoo, Atlanta, GA.

Julie Felber

Julie Felber’s tribute to her 13-year-old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd cross, Cyle. Tattoo by Veronik of Scarlet Ink.

Jeffrey Altomari

Jeffrey Altomari cares deeply about the three things he has combined into his tattoo—the Bull Terrier breed (especially his dog, Willie), The Who, and drumming. A perfect blend, in our book. Tattoo by Kenny Phillips at Eclectic tattoo, North Ridgeville, OH.

Andrea Newborg

Among the three dog portrait tattoos that grace Andrea Newborg’s body is this one of her Dachshund, Jethro, who was sadly taken well before his time. Jethro also inspired Newborg to create Jethro’s Anipal Sanctuary (anipalsanctuary. org).

Sarah Taby

Sarah Taby’s tattoo of Ripple, her yellow Lab was done by Aaron Bellve of Totem Tattoo Studios, Williamsport, PA.

Lisa Kostrzynski

Lisa Kostrzynski chose to showcase her love of the Greyhound, particularly her two adopted, retired racing Greyhounds, Roscoe and the recently departed Sage, with this beautiful back piece. Tattoo by Tenane Whitfield of Studio Evolve, Virginia beach, VA.

Ben Baudhuin

Ichi not only inspired his guardian, Ben Baudhuin, to have this likeness permanently inked on his calf, but Ichi also has a dog-walking business and dog accessory line named after him. He’s a pretty popular guy in his Brooklyn neighbourhood. Tattoo by Liorcifer of NYC’s Tribulation Tattoo.

Kasha Gordon

Kasha Gordon’s tattoo of Black Jack or “BJ” is a memorial and tribute to her best man. Tattoo by Jeremy of Golden Dragon Tattoos, Henderson, NV.

Julie Armstrong

Julie Armstrong nicknamed her dog Senor Flip Flop after the pup devoured 15 pairs of flip flops one summer. Olé!

Cera Reusser

Cera Reusser’s tattoo, done by tattoo artist Mike Gutowski, is in memory of her girl, Chase. Chase inspired Cera to start a canine cancer foundation, chaseawayk9cancer. org. To date, she has raised $500,000.

Tina Woods

Tina Woods is inked with a portrait of her champion Mastiff, done by Dina Rose of Club Tattoo Las Vegas.

Jodi Matton

Jodi Matton’s tattoo was inspired by her love of Bull Terriers and Tim Buton’s Frankenweenie.

Jessica Webb

Jessica Webb had tattoo artist Talina Angelina ink her two dogs, Bob (the Pug) and Whoha (the Chihuahua), on her leg.

Joshua Clutter

Joshua Clutter’s dog Skylar was hit by a car and had to have pins put into her leg and lungs. This robot-dog tattoo is Clutter’s tribute to his bionic best pal. Tattoo by John Vale from Ocho Placas Tattoos, Miami, FL.

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