Allergic To Dogs?

Allergic To Dogs? The Dog’s Gender May Be To Blame

Category: Health
Love dogs but are plagued by allergies? You may be allergic to just the males. more
Animal Vacation Experiences

Animal Vacation Experiences!

Category: Travel
Goat yoga, anyone? From paddle-boarding with a Corgi (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) to tea with naughty sheep (Loch Lomond, Scotland), Airbnb now offers the opportunity to get to know over 300 species in unique ways with people who care for their welfare. more
Barkin’ For A Cure

Barkin’ For A Cure

Category: Inspire
Anyone who has had a dog knows that they are more than just a pet; they’re family. They grow up with us, accompany us on our travels (whether the Home Depot or farther afield), and share our homes and everyday experiences. Unfortunately, they are also at risk of developing many of the same illnesses we are, with cancer being one of the most common. In fact, more than one million companion dogs are diagnosed with cancer every year. more

10 Reasons Why Turmeric Is Good For Dogs

Category: Dog Life
I am super excited to share facts about turmeric with you. In fact, if I were sent to a remote island I would make sure that I took a turmeric root with me. In this article, my goal is to tell you about the amazing properties of turmeric. However, I also want to share with you why drug companies may not like the discoveries around this natural medicinal powerhouse. more

At-Home Grooming Tips and Tricks to Get Your Pet Holiday Ready

Category: Dog Life
The approaching holidays are a great chance to bond with your pets. However, with the holidays comes that last minute grooming to get your pet holiday (and camera) ready. A great solution is at-home grooming – it is not only affordable, but also allows for some extra bonding with your pet! You are able to give them some extra love and care in the comfort of their own home. more