If Your Dog Eats Grass (Do This Everyday)

If Your Dog Eats Grass (Do This Everyday)

Category: Health
Is This One Thing The Key To Extending Your Dog's Lifespan? Is your dog trying to tell you something? According to Dr. Gary Richter, one of the top veterinarians in the world, many dogs are at risk of serious health issues… but their owners may be missing the warning signs. more

14 Ways To Improve Your Older Dog's Life

Category: Dog Life
As dogs age, it’s especially important to provide age-appropriate activities to keep them sharp and happy and to help them get around comfortably and safely. And don’t forget a cozy, joint-cushioning bed for those all-important power naps! more

Hair of the Dog

Category: Dog Life
Though the pin brush (it looks a lot like a human paddle-style hairbrush) is the most commonly used grooming tool, it's actually not the most useful for all dogs. Different types of dogs have different types of hair and thus require different grooming tools—just reflect on the coat of a Weimeraner versus a Husky for a visual. Find out what you should be using on your dog with this at-a-glance guide to grooming tools. more

Isn’t It A Pitty?

Category: Breeds
Though often used as a breed descriptor, “Pit Bull” is not, in fact, a recognized breed. Rather, it’s a catch-all for “bully breed” types of dogs, often mixes, known for their trademark broad heads, stocky and muscular build, and wide smiles. Sadly, the name “Pit Bull” often conjures negative associations, even though these dogs are, by and large, extremely people-friendly. Get to know these four pedigreed breeds often lumped together as Pit Bulls.   more
Lucy Pet

Surf's Up!

Category: Play
Ricky, a rescue cat, won't surf without his friend Coppertone, a Miniature Dachshund, on the board. You read that right. This unlikely pair are stars of the upcoming Lucy Pet's Gnarly Crankin' K9 Wave Maker Tour ll, coming to a city near you! Making twenty stops, including ones in Canada, Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, and San Antonio, Lucy Pet is hitting the road with the world's only mobile wave maker, a portable 75-foot tank filled with 5000 gallons of water that can produce a perfect wave every five seconds. But the amazing thing is this: cats and dogs are doing the surfing! more


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