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Nature vs. Nurture

Category: Health
It’s all in how you raise them… or is it? This phrase is often used to describe how any dog can be a safe, healthy, happy one with enough good nutrition, training, and love. If only it was true. Saying a dog is just the result of how he’s raised completely ignores a major component of his development—his genes. Yes, dogs are products of how they are raised. But they are also products of their genetics. Both nature and nurture play important roles in your dog’s development. more
Rescue Relay Teaser

The Amazing Rescue Relay

Category: Travel
When I found myself smitten with Bodie, an Australian Shepherd cross available for adoption on, I was downcast to learn that Heartstrings Animal Advocates (HAA), the rescue organization that had him in their foster care program, was in Kansas, over 1,500 miles away from my northern Nevada home. Since many rescues only adopt pets to homes within a small local radius, I figured I didn't have a chance of getting Bodie. more
5 Signs Your Dog Loves You

5 Signs Your Dog Loves You

Category: Dog Life
From loving gazes to simple nearness, these five signs your dog is giving you indicate a connection that goes far past a room-and-board relationship. # 1 Your dog greets you at the door more

Meet Mr. Breakfast

Category: Inspire
The cards were definitely stacked against Mr. Breakfast, who was rescued from a dog fighting ring in San Diego, CA, and was almost completely deaf due to the close cropping of his ears and subsequent infections. With a couple failed adoptions behind him, no one could have guessed this fierce-looking, unwanted dog would turn out to be a sweetheart with a passion for surfing. more

Pot For Pets

Category: Dog Life
Just like people, dogs are living increasingly longer lives thanks to better nutrition and health care. The downside is that both dogs and people can face a host of degenerative health issues as they approach their middle and senior years. As devoted pet parents, we’re always searching for products that will help us give our canine kids the very best quality of life so at Modern Dog we’re naturally very interested in all the buzz around hemp/CBD (Cannabidiol) products for dogs. Here’s the low down on this natural approach to pain relief and better health. more


Dog of the Week!

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