Teach Your Dog to Wink

Teach Your Dog To Wink!

Category: Dog Training
Dr. Caroline Coile's specialty is "dogs, dogs, dogs!" Her Ph.D. was based in canine senses, genetics, and behaviour, and she writes extensively on veterinary, genetics, senses, and other science topics. But that doesn't mean she's not about fun! more
1 Human Year Equals Seven Dog Years?

1 Human Year Equals Seven Dog Years? Think Again.

Category: Dog Life
Most dog people are familiar with the stock-standard formula ‘one dog year equals seven human years.’ The problem is this equation was never based on strong scientific research. more
Stressed dog? Depressed dog? Play may be the answer

Dog Depression! Is Play the Medicine Your Dog Needs?

Category: Play
Is dog depression real? Max seemed to be having a bad time over the past couple of weeks. He had lost his appetite, was not eating or drinking the way he normally did and thus, was losing weight quickly. He seemed to be lethargic, and spent a lot more time than usual sleeping. When he was awake, he seemed nervous, edgy, and common events seemed to worry him. None of the usual activities that normally made him happy seemed to interest him. more
People Foods For Dogs:

People Foods For Dogs: Superfood Edition

Category: Nutrition
1. Coconut more
5 Signs Your Dog Loves You

5 Signs Your Dog Loves You

Category: Dog Life
From loving gazes to simple nearness, these five signs your dog is giving you indicate a connection that goes far past a room-and-board relationship. # 1 Your dog greets you at the door more


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