SPLASH! High Jumpin' Dock Dogs

SPLASH! High Jumpin' Dock Dogs

Category: Play
If you’ve witnessed a Dock Dogs event, you know that it has harnessed a magical combination of ingredients to spellbind audiences. Joyous dogs performing athletic feats? Check. Multigenerational competitors, aka the ever-popular kids-with-dogs element? Check. A water element? Check! (Don’t ask us why this always ups the ante, but it does). Best of all, not only is it an all-ages crowd pleaser, it also welcomes all participants and all dogs—any breed, any size, any mix, as long as they’re more than six months old—and doesn’t require much more than enthusiasm. more
Pumpkin 5 Ways

5 Ways to Feed Your Dog Pumpkin

Category: Nutrition
Pumpkin makes a great dog treat. Most dogs love its slightly sweet taste, it’s wonderful for any digestive issues your dog may be experiencing, and, for dog’s watching their waist line, it’s helpful for weight loss as it’s “bulky”—it’s low cal yet makes your dog feel full! more
Dogs Can Read That Smile On Your Face

Dogs Can Read That Smile On Your Face

Category: Health
When you and I look at a photograph of a human face, we can easily recognize the emotional state of the person pictured by their expression alone. Fascinatingly, it turns out, dogs can do the same. more
Coach Pups Campaign

Coach Pups Campaign

Category: Celeb
Check out who’s starring in the latest Coach advertising campaign—Miss Asia Kinney, aka Lady Gaga’s French Bulldog! Titled “Coach Pups,” the new campaign features canine stars “modeling” Coach’s Fall 2015 star bags in a series of portraits photographed by Steven Meisel. more
Holiday Gift Guide

Modern Dog's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

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