I'm Yunity

Magical Medicinal Mushrooms

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Fight cancer the natural way with I'm-Yunity, a medicinal mushroom extract made from the Coriolus Versicolor, or Zhi, mushroom. An effective way to help the body fight cancer is to boost immune function, and this clinically proven mushroom supplement not only improves the immune systems of dogs but also slows the growth of cancerous hemangiosarcoma tumours, and in some cases, reduces their size. more

Going To The Dogs: What It’s Like To Be A Hollywood Dog Trainer

Category: Dog Life
If you think training your own dog is difficult, think about how hard it would be to train dozens of pooches at the same time. That’s the daily reality for Mark Forbes, one of Hollywood’s most respected animal trainers, and the man responsible for the canine actors in A Dog’s Purpose. Besides the four main dogs showcased in the film, there were three other “supporting canines,” and also puppy versions of each character. more

The Dogs Most Likely to Show Mental Decline with Age

Category: Dog Life
As your dog grows older, you might notice lapses in memory and other behavioural changes. Similar to aging in people, older dogs can suffer from a disorder called Canine Cognitive Dysfunction or CCD, which is often compared to Alzheimer's Disease in humans because the symptoms are similar. These include forgetfulness, disorientation, not recognizing family members, sleep disruption, and other lapses in normal mental behaviour. more

Cool Product Alert: Voyce Activity Monitor

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Diligent dog owners (that’s us!) who want to keep track of their dog’s most up to date health information need look no further than the Voyce Health Monitor. What is it? A convenient and comfortable collar that monitors all of your dog’s vital health information, such as resting heart rate, resting respiratory rate, distance travelled in a day, calories burned, and quality of rest. more

The Most Common Pet Insurance Claims

Category: Health
Weighing if pet insurance is worth it? We asked pet insurance company Pets Plus Us for their most claimed conditions, and what they pay out. Of course, some claims far exceed the average, such as recent “Claim of the Month” alum Will, an American Pit Bull Terrier whose foreign body removal cost upwards of $4,600. (What did you get into, Will?!) more


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