Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

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Love it! The handsome Altman Brothers of Million Dollar Listing fame recently co-hosted #UNLEASHED with Generation Humanity in Los Angeles to support non-profit Wags and Walks and help save shelter dogs. Check out Wags and Walks' adoptable dogs here! more
Instagram Dogs

Smile! 5 Instagram Dogs You Need to Follow

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Instagram is, of course, an inspiring (and scarily addictive) source of food and fashion pics, but nothing will brighten your day like following these famous and soon-to-be famous furballs. Whether you need a simultaneously funny and adorable dog-photo to put a smile on your face or inspiration for a pup-inclusive outing, these Instagram dogs are up to the task! more

50 Shades of Brown: A Comprehensive Guide to Dog Poop

Category: Health
Let’s Talk Poop It may not make for good conversation around the dinner table, but knowing about dog poop is an important way to keep your pup healthy. An obvious indicator of your dog’s overall health, poop packs important information. more

Why Your Dog Eats Poop, According to the Latest Scientific Research

Category: Health
Try as we might, we humans generally have a hard time understanding why in the world our dogs eat poop. Nothing is quite as disturbing as watching the cute canine you cuddle up with on the couch chow down on a steaming pile when you’re out for a walk. After all, dogs have an incredible sense of smell; shouldn’t they be revolted by feces consumption? more

Cone of Fame

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Is there anything more embarrassing for a dog than the dreaded “cone of shame?” We might be projecting, but it certainly seems like they feel not only silly but slightly mortified. And if you’re a dog in a shelter recovering from a spay or neuter, well, you can just forget about finding your furever home while sporting one of those plastic monstrosities. more


Dog of the Week!

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