Blonde Ambition

Elaine Hendrix on her off-screen mission to help animals

Category: Celeb
Elaine Hendrix has the kind of intense, dramatic beauty and commanding personality that makes heads turn when she enters a room. It's what's kept her as an in-demand actress in Hollywood for the past 20 years. more

A Journey Without End

Category: Inspire
The placard on the cage informed me his name was Prince, that he was a year old Border Collie/black Lab cross, and “extremely intelligent.” The look on his face told me he was more bored than anything, but if I took him home, he’d be my best friend and companion. For the next 17 years he was true to his word. more
Modern Dog Gift Guide 2018

Modern Dog's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

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Doggy Décor—Fall 2017

Category: Dog Life
{Great for senior dogs!} The Blissful Breeze orthopedic bed from BuddyRest (from $200) is made with the highest quality durable memory foam, helping support joint health and mobility by reducing aches and pains. Plus, the cover is not only fashionable, but doesn’t hold smells and barely needs washing—win, win! more

We're In Love With These Too-cute Patches!

Category: Dog Life
Combining a love of dogs and clever sayings into succinct and witty iron-on patches is self-professed “Pomeranian enthusiast” Kristen Lourie. The Winnipeg, Manitoba-based artist and graphic designer designs the humourous and super-cute embroidered patches in her spare time, using her “baby potato dog” Gomez Napoleon for inspiration. more


Dog of the Week!

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