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The “Bad News Bears” of Dog Sledding

Category: Dog Training
Twice every night, at three and five a.m., the husband-and-wife team behind Rancho Luna Lobos are gently awoken by 79 howling dogs, their yelps rising through the high-desert air like a chorus.  more
Animal Vacation Experiences

Animal Vacation Experiences!

Category: Travel
Goat yoga, anyone? From paddle-boarding with a Corgi (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) to tea with naughty sheep (Loch Lomond, Scotland), Airbnb now offers the opportunity to get to know over 300 species in unique ways with people who care for their welfare. more

Here’s Why You Should Give Your Dog Kelp

Category: Dog Life
Generations have recognized kelp for its human and canine health benefits. For over 400 years, fishermen and farmers along the rugged Nova Scotia coast have fed their pets hand-harvested kelp from the cold Northern sea waters, crediting their dog’s good health to the nutrients found in the kelp. From iodine to iron and amino acids, kelp, rich in natural salts and minerals, has 70 of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients dogs need. Kelp’s benefits include: more
Star Dog Winner: Ruckus and...

Star Dog Winner: Ruckus and...

Category: Dog Life
It all came down to a proverbial olive branch. During our last Star Dog contest something magical happened: the teams behind our two top dogs—Ruckus, a cancer-surviving Vizsla, and Starbuck, a Pit Bull who lost her leg when she was thrown from a moving vehicle at just three months of age—decided, instead of battling for the win, to support each other, not only offering words of encouragement but even financial support for the other’s animal-welfare-related causes. (If only the same could happen in politics!) more

Are You Ready For Global Pet Expo 2023?

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It’s here! The annual event all pet retailers and distributors look forward to is live and in-person on March 22-24 in Orlando, Florida! Connecting pet product manufacturers, importers, retailers, thought leaders, and creative minds, it’s the place to be to find the coolest new products that pet lovers are sure to be raving about. more


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