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So You Think You Want a Husky? Here's How to Tell If the Husky Is The Right Breed Match For You

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I’ve been involved in wolf, wolfdog and dog rescue for something like 30 years. I’ve volunteered for and have been employed by L.A. city shelters. I’ve worked for a respected rescue group. In addition to being a professional trainer and behavior specialist, I now volunteer at an L.A. County shelter. I share all of this to let you know that I’ve seen a lot in the dog world over the years. But never in all of that time have I seen anything like the flood of Huskies that is now pouring in to California shelters and rescues. more

The Apparel Lookbook

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Warm Summit Parka, $80;   NHL Jacket, $60; more

Dog Barks When Left Alone? Here's What To Do

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Does your dog bark when you leave? You're not alone; this is a very common problem. We have expert advice from a dog behaviourist on what to do if your dog barks when left alone! Read on...  A reader recently wrote, “Help! My dog barks when I’m not at home, and my neighbours are losing patience. I need a solution, fast!” To fix this problem of barking when home alone, we must first consider why your dog is barking. more
SuperZoo 2022

SuperZoo 2022 Is Here!

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We can’t wait to see what SuperZoo 2022 has in store for us this year! Modern Dog + Modern Cat is heading to Las Vegas for SuperZoo, this year it is running from Tuesday, August 22 to Thursday, August 25 at Mandalay Bay. We’re so excited to return to the pet retailer's favourite event and to see all the great pet companies exhibiting and to check out the cool new products they’re bringing to the market. Don’t miss checking out our list of “Must Visit” booths below:   more
Stressed dog? Depressed dog? Play may be the answer

Dog Depression! Is Play the Medicine Your Dog Needs?

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Is dog depression real? Max seemed to be having a bad time over the past couple of weeks. He had lost his appetite, was not eating or drinking the way he normally did and thus, was losing weight quickly. He seemed to be lethargic, and spent a lot more time than usual sleeping. When he was awake, he seemed nervous, edgy, and common events seemed to worry him. None of the usual activities that normally made him happy seemed to interest him. more


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