Lisa Vanderpump Totally Rules

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The unstoppable Lisa Vanderpump is perhaps the ultimate modern multi-hyphenate: reality star, restaurateur, designer, philanthropist, and serious dog lover with eight of her own rescue dogs. And despite all this—imagine starring in not one but two reality shows and helming multiple restaurants and product lines—this powerhouse has still carved out time to start her own dog foundation and tackle, head on and personally, the atrocities of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, even speaking in front of Congress and organizing marches against it. Seriously inspirational, right? more
19 Dog Gestures

19 Dog Gestures and What They Mean

Category: Dog Training
Dogs read our gestures, like pointing, better than any other animal. Neither wolves nor chimpanzees follow our gestures as well as dogs. But are we equally adept at reading our dogs’ gestures?  more

Canine IQ: How Smart is Your Dog?

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Golden Oldies

Category: Dog Life
The cutest dog-related page on the Internet isn’t a page dedicated to puppies, or Pugs, or even to dogs reacting to snow for the first time—it’s the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary’s Facebook page. BuzzFeed called it “the best Facebook page that exists,” and in our book, that’s not hyperbole. more
Flower Power: Pit Bulls of the Revolution

Flower Power: Pit Bulls of the Revolution

Category: Inspire
We simply could not be more taken with this project. Photographer and rescue volunteer Sophie Gamand’s new photographic series is not just lovely, it has a lofty goal at its core: to recast public perception of bully breeds. That it makes one smile in the process is, to us, a sure harbinger of its success. more


Dog of the Week!

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