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5 Quick and Easy DIY Dog Costumes

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Halloween is here and if you've suddenly realized that your dog is the only pup on the block without a costume, don't worry! Check out these 5 easy DIY costumes to transform your dog for the holiday!   1. Pineapple Puppy more
Dog Running in the park having fun

Doggone Best Summer Ever!

Category: Inspire
1. Camping, but make it hip—and canine inclusive. more
Smile of the Day: Adorably Awkward Dogs

Smile of the Day

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Don't mind me, just tasting the rainbow. Photo: Top Image: more

Foxtrot the Humanitarian Pup

Category: Inspire
The UN’s World Food Programme is the world’s largest agency working to end hunger around the world. They feed 90 million people every year. Working alongside the programme’s incredible team is an unexpected member, a rescue dog who has come to be known as Foxtrot the Humanitarian Pup.     more

At-Home Treatments for Canine Skin Conditions

Category: Health
The skin is the largest organ in the body, protecting dogs from everything in the world outside them. The biggest player in guarding against chemicals and the environment is the skin microbiome: the accumulation of bacteria, yeasts, and parasites. We all know the importance of a healthy ecosystem in the gut. Science is now realizing the role of the skin’s ecosystem, revealing that, like gut flora, it’s paramount in preventing allergies, skin disease, and autoimmunity, and protecting against infection and inflammation. more


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