DIY Eat: Juice Pulp Dog Treats

DIY Eat: Juice Pulp Dog Treats

Category: Nutrition
If you’ve jumped on the juicing bandwagon, you’re enjoying amazing, fresh, homemade juices, but likely wondering: isn’t there something I could be doing with all the leftover juice pulp? Well wonder no longer! You can make these little, healthy, fiber-rich, low-calorie dog treats! Susan Powers of, a fantastic raw food blog, shares this dog-approved recipe. more
Congestive Heart Failure

It's a Heartbreaker: Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs

Category: Health
Everything You Need To Know About Congestive Heart Failure In Dogs Q: What is congestive heart failure? more
Blonde Ambition

Elaine Hendrix on her off-screen mission to help animals

Category: Celeb
Elaine Hendrix has the kind of intense, dramatic beauty and commanding personality that makes heads turn when she enters a room. It's what's kept her as an in-demand actress in Hollywood for the past 20 years. more

Get Cozy! The Best Dog Beds & More For Snuggling Up This Winter

Category: Dog Life
Sleepypod ($190) is three-in-one perfection: it’s an everyday pet bed, a sleek and stylish carrier, and a safety-tested car seat. Ideal for dogs 15 pounds or less, the super-comfy interior offers the cozy retreat and personal security your pup deserves whether at home or travelling. more
DIY Natural Bugspray Collar

DIY Natural Bugspray Collar

Category: Dog Life
Natural Bugspray Collar A bandana or collar made with natural fibers 8–10 drops of a natural oil with bug-repelling properties, like cedar, geranium or lavender 2 tbsp. of water Dilute the essential oil with a few tablespoons of water. more


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