Collar Accidents

Collar Accidents

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Featured photo remik44992/ { In partnership with SleepyPod }  Collars are an essential part of a dog’s everyday life, securing their ID tags and leash, and giving owners an easy way to get hold of their dog when needed. However, this very item that is so vital to a dog’s safety can also be dangerous in certain situations. more

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Some months ago, I wrote a story for Modern Dog about my little dog, her early days, and her transition to old age. She survived illnesses and bounced back many times, amazing and mystifying me, and dazzling her little world with her resolve to stick around. She was entering her 18th year on Earth and people found it extraordinary that this old girl was still here, in spite of a few “touch and go” situations.  But she endured, and every day when the sun rose, she did too. more
Smell Power!

8 Fun Scent Games Your Dog Will Love

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The Whippet VS The IG

The Whippet VS The Italian Greyhound

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With their slender physique and sleek coats, the Italian Greyhound and the Whippet both look like miniature Greyhounds. There’s a reason for that. Both breeds likely share an ancestor and are from the same family of dogs—the sighthounds. All three possess the sighthound’s hallmark deep chest, trim waist, and narrow head. more

The Fun and Easy Way to Exercise Super-Energetic Dogs

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Do you have a can't-stop, won't-stop kind of canine? Some dogs only need a short, leisurely walk before they're pooped, while others seem to be powered by Everlast batteries! If your high-energy dog would like to be in a state of constant motion and you're running out of ways to tire him out, give biking together a try. more


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